3 Easy Ways to Add Color to Your Spring Wardrobe

Spring is here and summer is rapidly coming! If you’re anything like me you are craving color after the grays and blacks of winter. But if the 1980’s told us anything, there is such a thing as too much color. Here are a few simple tips to get that color you crave without investing in new outfits and without looking like a walking Easter Egg:

1. Bright necklaces. I’m totally in love with this neon and crystal necklace from the J Crew Factory Store. The yellow is super fun but the crystal and gold chain keeps it in check. 56313_GR7303

2. Nail Polish. Often totally overlooked- nail polish is a super simple way to change up your look. I’m obsessed with OPI’s new Euro Central collection. The colors are bright but also work appropriate. (Fun tip: Carry the sparkle with you along with a quick dry to transition from day to night.)


3. Ballet Flats. Bright colored flats are a fun way get into the Spring Spirit. These Lucky Brand Emmie flats are available from 6pm.com (a great discount site btw!) in several colors. My favorite is the fuchsia.

Lucky Brand Flats
Lucky Brand Flats

So what are your go-to strategies? 


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