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We’re Too Young for This

We’re Too Young for This

Every Tuesday, we talk about important topics for 20-somethings. Like what books to read, and what gifs best describe our lives.

In your twenties, you’re in an odd place: thrown into the adult world, but with limited knowledge and experience. All of the sudden, there are all these new things happening you may not be ready for. The gestalt shift into “adult” just hasn’t quite happened yet. Here at LD, we’re still flummoxed occasionally by experiences, responsibilities, and tasks of the adult world. We find ourselves sometimes saying, “I’m too young for this.”

Here’s our list of 20 such things.

1. Quarter-life crisis–are you kidding me?

2. Finding grey hairs.

3. Contributing to my 401(k).

4. Watching all my friends get married.

5. Knowing that once I turn 27, I can no longer share my parents insurance.

6. Receiving invitations for school reunions.

7. Meal planning.

8. Furniture that isn’t plastic or a hand-me-down.

9. Losing alcohol tolerance.

10. Business cards.

11. Buying my own groceries.

12. Having to work through nap time.

13. Wearing matching socks.

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14. Figuring out what “business casual” means.

15. Baby showers.

16. Purchasing any household appliance I can’t pick up and carry myself.

17. Only two vacation weeks per year.

18. A paid subscription to an online dating site.

19. LinkedIn.

20. Deciding what I’m going to “do with my life.” Give it a rest already!

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