Why You Should Write For Literally, Darling

Here at Literally, Darling, we have fun. We’re a group of 20-somethings who are seeking to really show our perspectives. We are the Millennial generation, and this blog examines all the sides of what it means to be a Millennial. We live outside of trending hashtags, and we’re getting our voices out there—and we want you to, as well!

So why should you write for Literally, Darling? We’ve got nine reasons why:

1. This whole list is in gifs.


2. We’re friends. We root each other on. We send you cat pictures when you’re particularly awesome.


3. We are going to look amazing for your portfolio. (And everything is about the resume/portfolio, right?)

tumblr_inline_mn86fvBliQ1qz4rgp4. Your voice gets to be heard! You have a unique voice and perspective, and by writing for us, you can get that voice out there.


5. You can help us prove that millenials and 20-somethings are more than the stereotype: we’re hard working, dedicated, and also hysterical.


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6. We don’t assign you articles, so you can write about what really strikes a chord with you.tumblr_mnag7csbk11so102bo7_500

7. You’ll seem super in-the-know and cool to your friends when you tell them you write for a blog that has international readership (yeah that’s right, we went there.) ((And no, we don’t just mean Canada.))


8. You don’t have to be a computer whiz! We definitely arent.


9.  You’re going to have a blast. Trust me.tumblr_inline_mnbr5scGS11rjjmcl

If you’re interested in writing for Literally, Darling, please email us at [email protected], tweet us at @LitDarling. Show us you’re excited, and send us a writing sample!

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