Why American Girls Love a British Accent

I’ll come right out and say it. I am a sucker for anything with a British flag, anything associated with the royal family (congrats, Will and Kate), and anyone with an accent. Especially the accent.

And in full Anglophile fashion, I wanted my first article for Literally, Darling to discuss exactly why American girls are so attracted to a man with an accent—specifically British men. Before you read this, you should be fully aware that this is neither fact-checked nor proven, and it is 100 percent biased.

The fact that they are not American frat boys, guidos, or rednecks is critical. And yes, I’m fully aware there are American boys who do not fit into any of those categories. The style of an English male is mysterious, and difficult to pinpoint. You could see one rocking a Hollister or Superdry T-shirt (yikes) one day, and look just confident strolling around wearing stylish cuffed jeans and a Jack Wills button down the next day. They are certainly not the boys we see everyday at our college bars or in our hometowns.

The Brits are down to drink. I know a few who could put even the hardest drinking frat star to shame. This might not go down as a positive thing in some girl’s books, but, if you’re like me, there is a certain level of attractiveness in someone who can handle their alcohol. With a drinking age of 18, the English (and other European) drinking culture is a bit more relaxed than the shot-for-shot environment in which many of us have grown accustomed to. Not to say Brits drink less, definitely not true, but they seem to be a bit more mature about drinking as a whole.

Maybe it is simply the situation in which you meet them. The first time I truly interacted with a British guy was during a semester abroad in Exeter, England. I was there for three months, and was under the impression that I could possibly meet a prince, a royal, or at least have a romance abroad. Needless to say, that did not really happen. But there is something enchanting about being in a foreign place for a limited time. Most of the people you meet will be gone from your life as soon fly back over the Atlantic. So, YOLO, right?

For those women who have not had the chance to go to the United Kingdom, you may have met the rare breed of ex-pats in America. I’ll admit, when I’m walking down the streets of Manhattan, I can’t help but double-take (fine, triple-take) whenever I hear a British accent coming from a guy. Unfortunately for us American girls, the ratio does not fall in our favor. There are a million girls like us dying to catch the eye of that captivating man from Britain we can’t take our eyes (or ears) off of. Just picture the devoted American following One Direction has developed, and you’ll get an idea of this concept.

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Need I continue?

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  • I’ll be completely honest with you, I have absolutely no idea how I came across this…..
    But I just wanted to say thank you. It’s truly wonderful to hear we’re actually so appreciated.
    Keep up the good work.

      • Wales isn’t the only one in Britan to have a language!
        Northern Ireland and Scotland both have gaelic (sorry if I spelt that wrong :/), but definetely have differences between the two nations.
        I also from a rural part of Scotland, lots of people speak in a dialect called “doric”

    • Sorry your wrong…United Kingdom does not make everyone inside it British, the Irish, Welsh and Scottish are not British but they are apart of the British colony, they are under on banner: United Kingdom. But this does not mean Ireland, Scotland and Wales are British…

      • Well, there certainly is Scotland, Wales, England and Northern Ireland. Different countries, cultures and, of course, accents. However, Great Britain refers to the geographical name of the island on which the first three countries named are located. Therefore, they– the English, Welsh and Scottish are all technically british. The UK is the political term for all four of those countries (United Kingdom of Great Britain(see above) and Northern Ireland). But, I must say, there is no british accent, because accents vary greatly between those parts of great britain, hell, they vary every few tens of km. So one cannot label them as a single accent. In my experience, what the world means by a british accent is the RP accent, those they see on BBC or, more generally, a london, or other southern one. When you then show the people some northern irish or scottish accent, they may even think it didnt originate in the UK ;) Just my five cents, I am not a UK citizen, and my accent isnt all so genuinely british, so.. Poor me, american girls wouldnt want me (or they might not spot the discrepancies in my accent and assume I am an englishman) :D sorry I was so mouthful, the article is great ;)

  • British doesnt mean being from England….the UK isnt Just “England” I do wish americans would learn this but england,scotland,wales, Northern Ireland, anyone from them four parts of the UK is British…so I’m British but Northern Irish 2…

    • How do you know that she just means English?

      Before I went to the U.S. I was aware of this phenomenon, which is not that pervasive really, but assumed it would only apply to R.P. English accents. I’m from Salford and have a pronounced Manchester accent, but found that, on occasion, that worked for me too. Sometimes, if you don’t talk English with received pronunciation, people think you are an Aussie, but that’s cool.

      I can tell you that your accent would be well received too, it ain’t all about R.P. English…

  • I can assure you that the British (of which I am one, having been born and raised in England) are not mature when it comes to alcohol. Don’t believe me? google “Neknominate.” We English don’t just live to drink, we live to get drunk.

    • Yes, but as someone who has spent some time in the U.S. – New York and some time in L.A. and San Francisco mostly, I can testify that we tend to have a more relaxed attitude to drinking.

      Well, at least more relaxed than the younger Americans. Right up to about thirty or so, they do seem to treat it as a rebellious act and binge-drinking seems to be the norm for “youngsters”. I generally do not find their beers any weaker than ours, so I think it must be something about the culture. Telling adults that they cannot be trusted to drink a beer might well be the whole cause of that, I don’t really know…

  • As I said in a previous post being British (welsh) is far different from being a Englishman the Irish,Scots and welsh are refered to as celts or Celtic with a language of our own whether it be cymraig.or Gaelic… Britain is far more complicated than you think .and please understand Britain isn’t England..

    • I think you will find Irish, Scots and Welsh accents are also very attractive to U.S. women. In this situation, isn’t it you who is assuming British means English?

    • As someone who spends a lot of time in all the countries of the British isles, having relatives in all of them, I can tell you that the differences are mostly just surface. This is probably true with most western Europeans to differing extents. A massive number of “the English” have Scots, Irish and Welsh blood and no doubt that is reciprocal. In the North West of England, where I come from, it is difficult to find a family without Irish connections. When I lived in Moss side, Manchester, there were more Irish people than afro-caribbean, even though it was always classed as a “black” neighbourhood.

      Sorry if this seems belligerent, being proud of local culture is fine, but I am always suspicious of “nationalist” sentiment. Nations are artificial constructs made for the purpose of control…

  • Interesting article. I’ve been with a British woman for 2 years and she swears that most British guys are “tossers”. Never heard an american woman say they were attracted to a British accent other than James Bond lol. I have been hit on by more British women than i can count so i wouldn’t be surprised if it was the other way around as well ,but I’ve never heard that from any American women. Seems that most American women think of Austin powers when they think of British men. Sorry to burst that ego bubble.

  • I agree that most American girls love English accents but here’s the uncomfortable truth: this happens only if you’re white.

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