Why American Girls Love a British Accent

I’ll come right out and say it. I am a sucker for anything with a British flag, anything associated with the royal family (congrats, Will and Kate), and anyone with an accent. Especially the accent.

And in full Anglophile fashion, I wanted my first article for Literally, Darling to discuss exactly why American girls are so attracted to a man with an accent—specifically British men. Before you read this, you should be fully aware that this is neither fact-checked nor proven, and it is 100 percent biased.

The fact that they are not American frat boys, guidos, or rednecks is critical. And yes, I’m fully aware there are American boys who do not fit into any of those categories. The style of an English male is mysterious, and difficult to pinpoint. You could see one rocking a Hollister or Superdry T-shirt (yikes) one day, and look just confident strolling around wearing stylish cuffed jeans and a Jack Wills button down the next day. They are certainly not the boys we see everyday at our college bars or in our hometowns.

The Brits are down to drink. I know a few who could put even the hardest drinking frat star to shame. This might not go down as a positive thing in some girl’s books, but, if you’re like me, there is a certain level of attractiveness in someone who can handle their alcohol. With a drinking age of 18, the English (and other European) drinking culture is a bit more relaxed than the shot-for-shot environment in which many of us have grown accustomed to. Not to say Brits drink less, definitely not true, but they seem to be a bit more mature about drinking as a whole.

Maybe it is simply the situation in which you meet them. The first time I truly interacted with a British guy was during a semester abroad in Exeter, England. I was there for three months, and was under the impression that I could possibly meet a prince, a royal, or at least have a romance abroad. Needless to say, that did not really happen. But there is something enchanting about being in a foreign place for a limited time. Most of the people you meet will be gone from your life as soon fly back over the Atlantic. So, YOLO, right?

For those women who have not had the chance to go to the United Kingdom, you may have met the rare breed of ex-pats in America. I’ll admit, when I’m walking down the streets of Manhattan, I can’t help but double-take (fine, triple-take) whenever I hear a British accent coming from a guy. Unfortunately for us American girls, the ratio does not fall in our favor. There are a million girls like us dying to catch the eye of that captivating man from Britain we can’t take our eyes (or ears) off of. Just picture the devoted American following One Direction has developed, and you’ll get an idea of this concept.

Is there anything sexier than a perfectly executed British one liner?

Ed Westwick. Henry Cavill. Richard Madden. Orlando Bloom. Enough said.

Need I continue?

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Lydia Mansel

Lydia is a senior at the College of William & Mary, with zero desire to move back to her hometown in rural Virginia. A liberal, Anglophile, and over-thinker,Lydia finds writing to be the perfect outlet to voice her emotional thoughts and irrelevant opinions.
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