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Literally Links #3: Our Favorite Corners of the Internet

Literally Links #3: Our Favorite Corners of the Internet

This weekend, Literally Links is all about giving you some quality reading material for your lazy Sunday brunch. Check out some of our favorite finds from the week: we’ve got everything from thought-provoking political bloggery to the perfect comedic send-up of the 20something birthday crisis. And while you’re at it, catch up on this week’s Literally, Darling articles. From a rereading of Tamora Pierce’s classic young adult series Song of the Lioness to Pride & Prejudice, as told by Tumblr, we’ve got books on the brain at Literally, Darling this week. (And don’t forget about our classic post on the classics, 20 Books To Read In Your 20’s!) Now, onto the links!

Katie: The New Moderate

Every once in awhile my Washingtonian (suburban) roots show and I just have to talk about politics. It’s a fact of life here. What isn’t part of day-to-day DC life is anyone treating bipartisanship as anything different from a filthy four-letter word. You’re either red or blue, and there’s nothing in between.  As a staunch hater of polarizing politics, and someone who identifies with neither party, it’s easy to feel a bit (read: entirely) misrepresented. That’s why finding The New Moderate has just made me giddy. The brain behind it, Rick Bayan isn’t pulling punches on either side and his “Moderate Vigilance List” points the finger wholesale at the party politics that are not just childish, but dangerous. I haven’t mined the site in its entirety yet, but what I’ve found gives me hope that while there are a lot of crazies to the left and right of us, there’s some hope somewhere in the middle.

H.L.: Love Taza

I like to think of myself as a blog connoisseur.  I go to my fave five blogs daily and Love Taza is one of those! Naomi is the brilliant fashionista, Juilliard graduate, and amazing mom behind this blog.  It showcases everything from beautifully captured photos, the best eateries in the NYC & DC area, to fashion posts, giveaways, and just pure cuteness in the form of her two kiddos.  If you love fashion + food + adorable faces, check out Love Taza!

Jazmine: “Than You So Much For Being With Me Tonight to Celebrate My Twenty-Five-And-Twelve-Month Birthday” by Julia Meltzer for The Hairpin

It’s the birthday tradition: ignoring your disappointment with yourself, pushing all your goals to the following year, and denying that anything has changed. I am only 21, and this essay by Julia Meltzer hit uncomfortably close to home. Check it out at The Hairpin!

Kate: The Forest Feast

Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast.
Erin Gleeson for The Forest Feast.

Full disclosure: I found Erin Gleeson’s amazing blog, The Forest Feast, through the magic of Tumblr at the beginning of the summer, but when she posted this week about her upcoming cookbook (forthcoming Spring 2014!), I just knew I had to share her wonderful site with you darlings. Erin pairs her tasty (vegetarian!) recipes – which are just perfect for a late summer dinner party – with her own gorgeous photography and beautiful illustrations. From summer salads to tasty appetizers, Erin’s recipes are sure to impress. This super simple recipe for Strawberry Balsamic Jam was a big hit at my house this summer. I’m dying to try out some of her cocktail recipes, and as we head into the fall, I can’t wait to try her roasted acorn squash!

What caught your eye (or ear!) on the internet this week? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter at @LitDarling and include #LiterallyLinks in your tweet!

Cover photo by Abbie Redmon.

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