Twenty Best Resources for your Twenties: 20-Something Tuesday

twenty-something tuesdays

Sometimes it’s kind of awesome to be a millennial and have constant day-to-day life changing technology and tools being created that make life easier. Sweetening the deal even further is the fact that we’re still relatively young enough to pick this up pretty quickly. So here are our favorite tools/resources of our twenties that if you’re not using already, you should hop to it.

1.) Google Docs

We can say, without a doubt, that LD would not exist without it. All our documents, articles, planning, and sharing happen on our Google Drive.

2.) Circa

This is a news app that actually got me to start reading the news. Everything’s colorful and bulleted.


Both a website and an app that can help you budget and better understand your money.

4.) Snapchat

Because there are some photos that really don’t need to have a shelf-life. Weiner, we’re still looking at you.

5.) Evernote & the Evernote Web Clipper

For the OCD list-makers, this is a godsend, allowing you to clip and save directly from your Web browser, make notebooks within notebooks for absurd levels of organization, and, most importantly, the icon is an elephant. We like elephants.

6.) Prezi

PowerPoint is for old people. Prezi lets you make gorgeous, far more interactive and interesting presentations online.

7.) Twitter

Say what you want, but it is unparalleled for networking. Where else can you get famous for babbling about your life?

8.) Clear App

An app that lets you make colorful, easy-to-swipe to-do lists.

9.) iPeriod App

Sorry boys, but it does exactly what’s on the package! It’s also the greatest thing to happen to girls since the creation of Midol, and when your OBGYN says “So when was your last period?” you can hand them your phone and show start/end date, symptoms, and more information than you care to track.

10.) Apps in general

It’s kind of boss that there are app stores for your smart phones, tablets, and computers all designed to make your life easier without a call to tech-support or Office Depot.

11.) Electronic transcripts.


12.) Animal Planet’s “Too Cute: Puppies

It’s a necessary tool for coping with life, and it proves that Buzzfeed doesn’t have permanent dibs on cat pictures.

13.) iMessage on iOS Apple Devices

Being able to text from your email address between all devices and for free to all iOS users is huge. No more long-distance texting abroad or racking up your monthly text limits. Plus, for those of us who loathe typing on our phones, being able to text via our laptop is just the bee’s knees.

14.) Netflix

Face it: I don’t think most of us could exist without it. Where else can you blow an entire weekend watching every single episode of ABC Family shows?


How else do you know what a realistic salary range is to give employers? For some reason “One MILLION dollars” seems to be frowned upon.

16.) Cameras on phones.

Enough said.

17.) Project Gutenberg

Once a book’s copy right has expired, Project Gutenberg has them as free game for any and all to read or download. So for all those classics  you need to read for school (or want to just for fun) go here first before you start shelling out the dough.

18.) Google Chrome

Omnibar lets you log in so you can share bookmarks between computers and has great extensions, which leads us to…

19.) Google Chrome’s  Pocket extension/ Safari’s Reading List

You can save something to a list so you can look at it later. Plus, there’s an option to close the tab you are on once you choose to “Read It Later.” Brilliant, I say. Safari also gives you the ability to read it all offline as well.

 20.) Tumblr

OK, perhaps it’s not a resource for bettering our productivity, but like Cute Puppies and Netflix, every 20-something needs a place to kick back and kill time. And let’s face it, nothing does that better than Tumblr—where time goes to die.

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What did we miss? What are your top resources for your twenties? Tweet us @litdarling!


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