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Happy Sunday, darlings! Your week-in-review roundup of the best of the Internet has gotten a bit of a facelift this weekend, so feel free to show us off! This week, we’ve got everything from new photographs of Abraham Lincoln to tips on how to remove that super cute glittery nail polish. We never said we weren’t an eclectic bunch!

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Haley: New Photos of Abraham Lincoln

Smithsonian Magazine's interactive feature on the new Lincoln photographs.
Smithsonian Magazine’s interactive feature on the new Lincoln photographs.

Researchers John Richter and Christopher Oakley believe they’ve successfully identified my favorite president in three photos from the Gettysburg Address. Two photos are by famous Civil War photog Alexander Gardner, and one is by David Bacharach. Also captured in grainy film are several of Lincoln’s cabinet members, including his famous frenemy, William Seward. The best part about all this? They thought there were no more photos of Lincoln left to be found! What a great surprise.

Katie: Peel-off-Glitter Nail Polish

I realize trying to remove glitter nail polish may not be as earth-shattering as new Lincoln photos, but holy-acetone-nightmare Batman, it’s blown my mind. Beautylish gives us a rundown on how to get off that pesky (but fabulous) glitter nail polish that generally needs a jack hammer.  It’s as simple as making an Elmer’s glue basecoat that you paint the glitter on top of and then just peel it off when you’re done. BRB, buying out the Butter London glitter section…

Katie, again: Menace: The Power of the Dinosaur Costume by Hyperbole and a Half

Yeah, I’m cheating and giving you two links, but y’all, Hyperbole and a Half is BACK with an all new story and beloved Paint drawings. This time she’s regaling us with the power of the dinosaur costume and how it imbued her with the strength to topple Asia (re: preschool). For any child who liked to be a menace (and who didn’t?) you’ll relate so hard you’ll send your parents a belated apology note.


The cutest, nerdiest shirts you’ll ever see or need. Teeturtle has shirts for everything from Ninja Turtles to Pokemon to Harry Potter to Doctor Who, with a new design and guest artists EVERY week. Also, they now make hoodies and glow-in-the-dark shirts!

See Also

Kate: If Congress Got Things Done Like Roommates

obamaWill Stephen brilliantly brings us a satirical set of Gmail exchanges between President Obama and various members of Congress, including Nancy Pelosi, John Boehner, Mitch McConnell, Harry Reid, Paul Ryan, and Ted Cruz. Vice President Biden, John McCain and Hilary Clinton make brief appearances. The premise: What if the shutdown talks between the President and Congress were handled classic college roommate-style?

Vanessa: 50 Trashy Movies Everyone Needs to See Before They Die

I absolutely love this list. Trashy movies are my lifeblood. There’s definitely some gems in there, including ShowgirlsPink Flamingos, and Valley of the Dolls. Check it out, and get to watching!

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What caught your eye (or ear!) on the Internet this week? Let us know in the comments, or find us on Twitter at @LitDarling and include #LiterallyLinks in your tweet!


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