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Our 23 Biggest Pet Peeves

Our 23 Biggest Pet Peeves

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We’ve all have ’em. Those little things that just irk us. Maybe they are genuinely and obviously annoying, or maybe they are completely irrational, but pet peeves can certainly make a good day go bad. If you ever run into one of our LD writers, steer clear of these pet peeves.

  1. When people say “I’m THE BIGGEST Harry Potter nerd, oh my gah”… and haven’t even read the books.

  2. When you have to share transit with a seathogger (i.e., someone who takes a booth or a table seat on the train all to themselves).

  3. When people use “your” and “you’re” incorrectly.

  4. When you open a fresh bag of Skittles and there’s only one red one.

  5. When someone takes your last red Skittle.

  6. When girls knowingly hit on your boyfriend. Stahp.

  7. When that gorgeous friend of yours constantly fishes for compliments. No, girl, for the hundredth time: You are not fat.

  8. When you watch computer-illiterate parents type with one finger. Excruciating.

  9. When you see groups of girls who are all dressed exactly the same. “On Wednesdays, we wear pink.”

  10. When people send game requests on Facebook. Sorry, but “Zombie Tsunami” and “Wild Wild Taxi” don’t overwhelm me with appeal.

  11. When pop divas are front-page news. Famine, the debt crisis,and war are front-page news, not a pop singer’s tongue, nudity or rehab updates.

  12. When you’re flipping between 12 radio stations and hitting the same four songs on all of them.

  13. When you read any news update that implies surprise at the latest finding that the NSA is reading your life directly from your brain.

  14. When you remember that huge gap in air dates on TV shows that air first in the U.K. before coming to the U.S.

  15. When tea is over-/under-brewed.

  16. When lawn crews and construction crews are outside your window at 7 a.m. JUST SLEEPING. NBD.

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  17. When you get side-eyed at a high-end store simply because you are in your 20s.

  18. When non-pet people give you shit for being a pet person. “It’s just a dog…” Um. No. K. Bye.

  19. When people I know leave me voicemails instead of sending a text. Checking those is so much wooooorrrrrrkkkk.

  20. When an unknown number calls me and does NOT leave a voicemail: WHO ARE YOU?  I WILL WONDER FOREVER.

  21. When you go to a store for one thing and they are out of that thing.

  22. When the plastic shower curtain liner floats out into tub while you’re showering. CANNOT DEAL.

  23. When something in your car is making that teeny rattling sound but you can’t figure out what the hell it is.


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Kirstie Renae

Entertainment Editor at Literally, Darling
Kirstie is an actress, writer, and dog mom currently living in Austin, TX. She proudly celebrated her two year anniversary with Literally, Darling in June of 2015! Kirstie enjoys binge watching TV shows, stock piling books, drinking boxed wine, enjoying a perfectly put together playlist and above all- time with her family and friends. In addition, Kirstie is an advocate of self-care and therapy. She believes we are all here to share our stories and finds meaning in doing so through her art.
Kirstie Renae
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