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Aural Fixation: 11/11 (A Moment Of Silence For Veterans Day)

Aural Fixation: 11/11 (A Moment Of Silence For Veterans Day)

A moment of silence, Darlings.

There are certainly a number of things going on right now in music that are exciting and fresh.

But today, we humbly take a step back from the keyboard to take a moment of silence to honor a holiday that’s sometimes easy to forget or miss or overlook in the bustle of our busy lives (though it shouldn’t be).

This Veterans Day, Aural Fixation goes dark for a day in memory of all the songs of all the heroes that have never been sung. 

Whether you listen to Alanis or All Saints, Britney or Bach, The Cure or Carrie Underwood, dubstep or didgeridoo—just remember that choice is yours, thanks in no small part to the hundreds of thousands of men and women that have bolstered the ranks of our country’s armed forces and fought for our right to choose in the first place.

To every crackling song heard over an international transistor radio, to every distant melody that reminded you of home, to every tune that helped you bravely make it there and back again: Here’s to you, veterans.

Because, truly, the sweetest song of all is freedom.

—Literally, Darling


A native of inner-city Houston, Austin is a student, social media fanatic, and though some days he tries not to admit it, a writer. Personal heroes for this aspiring poet include Clive Davis, Anna Wintour, and Cher Horowitz of Clueless, and among his many obsessions are '90s nostalgia, all things Britney Spears, and talking about himself as long as someone else is willing to listen. Austin has studied English Literature and Music (and about a dozen other things before he settled on a major) for far, far too long at the University of Texas. His unfathomably Libran nature has gifted him with a love of beginnings: new Sims, new boyfriends, new majors, new novels. Unfortunately, the stars did not so readily equip him with the greatest sense of follow-through (may the string of abandoned blogs and the occasional broken heart he has left in his wake rest in peace), but his myriad interests have melded together in a way he's confident to call "well-rounded". Most days.

With a background in stage acting, professional experience working in PR & marketing, and a number ofsongwriting and recording projects to his name, this jack-of-at-least-several-trades currently lives—where else?—in eclectic Austin, Texas. He has recently taken the plunge and made the daunting but inevitable decision to put the "professional" in professional writer.

Austin writes and rants about music, identity, pop culture, dating, social media, gender and sexuality, and muggle studies.

You can read his poetry and personal essays at, or follow his erratic but often entertaining stream of consciousness at your own risk at
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