50 Reasons To Watch “Doctor Who”

We love “Who” at LD, and here are 50 reasons why we do!

1. The opening credits

2. It’s an imaginative show

3. The humor
61816-9th-doctor-who-gif-skZr Matt-Smith-Doctor-Who-GIFs-1

4. The monsters


5. Fun with history!


6. The Doctor with all his myriad faces


7. Companions


8. Sound design

9. Music

10. Bowties are cool

drwho second-doctor-patrick-troughton-2

11. The TARDIS


12. One-liners

-Donna-Noble-donna-noble-24320194-272-224 cbd512061bbdc3a1c94a082edafd4882

13. You can understand what all your geeky friends are talking about


14. Regal werewolves


15. Underground lizard people


16. Time travelers


17. Vampires (well, sort of)

Vampires_state_of_decay 5x06-Vampires-in-Venice-doctor-who-12264477-1248-704

18. Intergalactic space battles


19. Famous guest stars (Honor Blackman, Colin Morgan, Anthony Stewart Head, Martin Clunes, Peter Sallis, Kylie Minogue, John Cleese, Simon Pegg)

tve1596-19861101-98 tumblr_lwbkxcfN361qd6cgm anthony-stewart-head-doctor-who-tv-series-2006-screencaps-02 Lon 50 PETER SALLIS astrid-peth-kylie-minogue-1 johncleese simon-pegg-Doctor-Who

20. Cute boys


21. Cute girls


22. Cute aliens


23. Ridiculously long scarves


24. You’ll know to be properly scared of angel statues in the cemetery


25. More chase scenes than a Scooby Doo marathon


26. Fabulous costumes


27. Campy-ness galore


28. Robot dogs


29. Sonic screwdrivers


30. Jelly Babies


31. The feels (Nothing rips your guts out like “Who”)


32. Christmas traditions (Presents are opened, the feast is over, and the Doctor is back for the Christmas special)


33. You can be laughing, crying, and scared out of your mind simultaneously


34. Absolutely nothing is off limits or too absurd (except time running at the right speed and in the right order)


35. Being able to shake your fist and yell “MOFFFFAAAATTTT!” in all seriousness

36. It’s the worst-kept-secret club that will make you friends anywhere you go if you just hum, “dooooweeeedoooo”


37. A complete and utter rejection of all rules of physics, time, science, and probability (and yet at the same time, a plot strangely dependent on many of these things)


38. The requirement of simultaneously completely suspending your belief and having to pay absolute strict attention


39. Nothing is better than Doctor Who Red Nose Day spoofs

40. Non-stop shots of Cardiff-pretending-to-be-London


41. The fun doesn’t stop, cast members come and go, but the Doctor is eternal (-ish)


42. Fantastic duels


43. Catchphrases! (Fantastic! Allons-y! Geronimo! Delete! Exterminate! Gallifrey Stands!)

 DoctorWhoHelloSweetie-1 tumblr_m7leo0vlfi1rxc156o1_250

44. You can watch the episodes, particularly the older serials, in almost any order you choose as long as you keep multi-part episodes together


45. Glorious amounts of sass


46. Glamorous AND wacky fashion, often in the same episodes


47. Great, deep quotes )


48. Use of Jammie Dodgers as weapons of mass destruction


49. Lots of running


50. Being a Whovian is like an unspoken bond. If you meet a new person and the only thing they tell you is that they’re a fan of “Doctor Who”—Classic or New Who—you instantly feel like you’ve made a new friend.

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  • Kelsey Wallour

    Fezzes are cool! Doctor Who makes everything cool. :)

  • Doctor Who is my life ^.^ I live and breathe…hell, I’m a second generation fan :D

  • Cheryl Basich

    I love the interaction between The Doctor and his companions! Each doctor reacts differently and shows different aspects of the personality that is The Doctor. This is fun to watch! I especially love seeing the contrast between human behavior and Doctor behavior! LOVE so many things about the series! My mom’s side of the family all came from south Wales. It is fun to see Cardiff and the many locations around south Wales. The show is FANTASTIC!

  • Yeaaah… I regretted doing #44… No one should do this. It didn’t make any sense.
    Also, thanks for finding the action music. Love that music.

  • Charles Baker

    You missed the music (although this really only applies to the new series). Murray Gold has been composing for Doctor Who since the 2005 revival, and his music is absolutely brilliant. I have simply never heard the likes of “Missy and her Boys,” and I still tear up every time I hear “Doomsday” or “Vale Decem.” It’s just bloody amazing how he can do anything. In season 8, for example, he composed both a Katchaturian-like crazy waltz for the series’ main villain, shortly after writing a jazz remix of “Don’t Stop Me Now.” He wrote music highlighting 11’s childish nature, and then just two seasons later was writing music that showed Peter Capaldi as the eccentric rocker.

    • Amanda Torres

      Music is listed at #9 :)
      I often listen to a music playlist on YouTube. The music is fantastic!

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