Happy Thanksgiving From Literally, Darling

happy thanksgiving

Today we go dark to spend time with our families and friends, to gorge ourselves on succulent (or horrendously dry—it depends who is cooking) turkey, and to feel grateful, dammit.

For all our American brethren who are sharing this day with us, we hope it is full of great food and company, the family squabbles are at a minimum, your football team wins, and you’re well-rested to shop until someone around you drops and gives up the sale item. For our darling readers who stare at this Puritanical holiday quizzically and ask, “But why don’t you eat lobster since the settlers were off the coast of Massachusetts?” or “So the whole point of this holiday is just to eat?”—good question, and we applaud your historical knowledge, and secondly, yes, it mostly is. Don’t be jealous. But while you may not be celebrating with our American writers, we do hope you take a moment to count your blessings and take stock of all that you’re grateful for. We all need to be reminded to give thanks, give back, and acknowledge all that we have received.

So whether you’re loosening your belt today or it’s business as usual, please have a wonderful Thanksgiving and know that the entire staff of Literally, Darling is thankful for every one of you reading our stories, relating to our lives, and sharing our articles.


With all our thanks,

Literally, Darling


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