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Review: Teen Wolf “Anchors”

Review: Teen Wolf “Anchors”

Last night kicked off the second half of the third season of “Teen Wolf.” The tagline for this season is “Lose Your Mind,” and after the episodes from last year I can’t wait to see what myths the end of this season holds. “Anchors” starts with three of our main characters being haunted. After taking part in a spell to find their parents Stiles, Allison, and Scott are facing some uncomfortable side effects.

Contains spoilers.

Allison thinks she is being haunted by her psychotic dead aunt, Kate. Scott is losing control of his ability to transform or at least believing he is. And poor Stiles is losing his ability to recognize reality from dreams… and it is terrifying! The most terrifying thing about their fears is that they seem to happen in a way that makes them unaware of what is happening until it’s over. Allison hallucinates while she is leaving for school and the nightmare ends as she walks through the doors of Beacon Hills High.

There is a new teacher… he’ll probably turn out to be a murderer. The new teacher has a daughter, Kira, who is looking to be a love interest for Scott.

This episode was spent displays in various situations the ways these hallucinations are dangerous. Finally, they go see Deaton and he tells them they have an open door into their subconsciousness that is dangerous and they need to close it. I do wish the whole Allison and Isaac thing would just go ahead and happen. Scott needs to stop holding Isaac’s feelings against him. I really thought Scott and Allison should be together (in real life), but I love Isaac so much (poor kid, I just want him to be happy).

Sheriff Stilinski has found out about the supernatural and it has colored all his past cases. One in particular that he has been holding onto for eight years. He enlists Scott’s help to try and solve one more case before he’s removed as Sheriff. Scott’s absentee father is back, and heading up the investigation to remove Sheriff Stilinski from office. I can see the trouble he is about to cause, especially if he finds out about Scott. 

Unfortunately, we didn’t see Derek until the last minute when he and Peter were being tortured by someone. However it being MTV the music for “Anchors” was really good. I love seeing Scott and Isaac as roommates. It’s fun and Scott’s mom, Melissa, is the coolest mom around. She accepts that their werewolves and she is still in control of two supernatural, hormonal teenage boys. I absolutely love it. She is great when Scott loses control of his wolfiness and encourages him to be his own anchor to overcome his need to change.

Standout performance by Dylan O’Brien. He stole the whole episode and did a great job of making me believe he’s losing his mind. He is truly underrated and he is incredible in this episode. Here’s to hoping this season holds a lot more Stiles.

Best quote: Isaac: “I spent most of my childhood locked in a freezer.” Stiles: “Are you still milking that?” Isaac: “Yeah, I’m still milking that.” Honest and awesome!

Teen Wolf airs mondays on MTV at 10/9c.


Lindsey Collins is an Alabama native and a grad of UA. #RollTide. She has been with Literally, Darling for almost two years, first as a writer of all the fandom/pop culture things. After realizing how much of a entertainment buff she is, they made her Entertainment Editor. She is a lover of all things nerd and sometimes can't help how excited she gets about fictional people. If you are looking for her, you'll probably find her in the Young Adult section of a bookstore, or on her couch reading books from said section. If you can’t find her in a bookstore, it’s because she finally found a genie to grant her wish to be a mermaid. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @bellelcollins to see pictures of her nephew and read her weird stories.
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