Literally Darling’s Fashion Guide For Fluctuating Weight

When I lost weight last year, I used to dread getting dressed each day. The clothes I’d spent years lovingly assembling were hanging off me,  but I didn’t have the cash moneys to go out and stock up on a wardrobe that would only serve me for the No Man’s Land of “in-between” sizes.

Instead, I figured out some fashion hacks for a basic (and cheap!) wardrobe to keep me looking presentable and feeling confident at all my myriad sizes. If you’re prone to putting on weight (or losing it, or yo-yoing all over the place), then this is the fashion guide for you.

1. Accessorise, accessorise, accessorise

You know what will always fit you? Accessories. If you base your outfit around awesome accessories you can’t go wrong – even if all you’re wearing is a plain black top and skirt.

I’m talking big bright scarves, earrings, big long statement necklaces (great for the bigger-busted among us), and wonderful shoes. The great thing about making accessories the feature of your outfits is that you can keep cycling through your (secretly boring) clothes and just mix up your accessories for a whole new outfit. Your budget will thank you.

Geometric print scarf - Topshop
Geometric print scarf – Topshop
Blue bird oval necklace - Etsy
Blue bird oval necklace – Sora Designs (Etsy)
Amarie cut-out boots: Topshop
Amarie cut-out boots: Topshop

Handmade photo brass cuff - Happy Supplies (Etsy)

Handmade photo brass cuff – Happy Supplies (Etsy)
Dinosaur earrings - Apple Latte
Dinosaur earrings – Apple Latte (Etsy)


2. A-line dresses with belts are your new best friend

Something that gives you a waist, makes you look ladylike, and that lets you synch in the waist when you’ve gone down a size? Yes please!

Pro-tip: Try and go for fabrics with a bit of stretch in them, so they’ll change shape as you do.

A-line skater dress - Topshop
A-line skater dress – Topshop
Gold link leather waistbelt - ASOS
Gold link leather waistbelt – ASOS
Curve midi dress: ASOS
Curve midi dress: ASOS
Leather front waist belt - ASOS
Leather front waist belt – ASOS


3. You can never be too big (or too small!) for a baggy top and leggings

I’ve pretty much lived in tights throughout this weight metamorphosis—they’re comfy, they always fit, and you can jazz them up with accessories and makeup to dress them up. Amazing.

Everyday linen blended t: Forever 21
Everyday linen blended t: Forever 21
Adventure Time leggings - Black Milk
Adventure Time leggings – Black Milk
Marled cutout knit top - Forever 21
Marled cutout knit top – Forever 21
ASOS Curve floral panel leggings



4. For work: Stretchy skirts and over-sized blouses

If you have a fancy top on, you can get usually away with having a more casual skirt – which is great, because by casual, I mean something stretchy that can withstand your body jumping around the scales.

Pro tips: Try and get blouses that will look good when they’re a little bigger. Tops that are more floaty are usually good this. And don’t be scared to raid the maternity section!

Mango shirt with pussy bow - ASOS
Mango shirt with pussy bow – ASOS
ASOS Curve stretch skirt
ASOS Curve stretch skirt – and it comes in black!
ASOS Curve black belted top
ASOS Curve black belted top
ASOS Curve pencil skirt
ASOS Curve pencil skirt


5. Play dress up every day

The weight gain and loss cycle can really take a toll on your self-esteem, so it’s important that you keep your spirits up. Learning some new hair and makeup tricks was my saving grace throughout my weight-loss conquest—it helped me to feel more confident in my skin. And honestly, it really doesn’t matter what what you’re wearing if your hair and makeup are nice.

For the best makeup tricks in town, head over to xovain
For the best hair and makeup tricks in town, head over to xovain
Hair donut
Quick and easy bun
Nailed It – MadebyMunchiesMama (Etsy)


6. Go out and look literally amazing

If you play your cards right, your new wardrobe should see you from size towering to size teeny and anything in-between.

My final advice? Wear anything that you feel confident in—even if that means splurging on an outfit that is only going to serve you for a couple of months.The important thing is that you feel confident in your body, no matter what it’s up to.

Good luck, darlings!

Do you have any tips and tricks our fluctuating fashionista readers could try out? Let us know @LitDarling


Photo by Nico Nordstrom

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