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Getting to Know Amy Through GIFs

Getting to Know Amy Through GIFs

Hello. I am Amy and I write for Literally, Darling. Here’s all you need to know about me, in GIFs – and not just any old GIFs, either. I recruited some assistance from my favourite childhood movies, because who could better tell the tale of ‘me’? Mathilda, Vada, Pockets and co – that’s who.

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Fashion & Beauty Editor at Literally, Darling
Born in Oxford, England, and raised in an area that quite perfectly resembles The Shire, Amy currently writes from Phoenix, AZ, after a series of strange life events that led her to believe that desert living is preferable to being eternally soggy. An English literature graduate and former sex education teacher/retail slave, Amy's main ambitions in life are to publish a book and work at an orangutan sanctuary; the rest is negotiable. Her greatest pleasures include walking, Shakespeare, and a strong gin and tonic. Follow her on Instagram at @amysarabyrne
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