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5 Tips For Dressing Like Alexa Chung

5 Tips For Dressing Like Alexa Chung

Alexa Chung is a bad-a style mofo. This is not speculation but documented fact. The shag rocking Brit was deemed the crown jewel (Style Icon of the Year) of the British Fashion Awards for three years running before passing down the title to a boy with a more singular style direction (do you get it? It’s Harry Styles).

Chung’s ever evolving taste is difficult to pin down as it as eclectic as she is. Her expansive wardrobe covers the gamut from sexy to sweet to intellectual to comfy rendering her an everywoman’s fashion icon. Plopping her aesthetic into a rigidly defined box would be difficult and inaccurate, which is exactly what makes her such an interesting purveyor of fashion.

There is, however, the faintest shadow of a method to Chung’s madness so pay attention as I reveal all.

1. Structure

Girl, you need a little structure in your life. Maybe it’s a British thing or maybe it’s just genuine ingeniousness, but Alexa Chung has mastered the ancient art of cloth origami. Sure, she ships the slouchy T-shirt every now and again when running to the store or slinging it with friends, but Chung clearly knows the power of a well-structured, well made piece of clothing. Her tops are always constructed to fit her framed shoulders and her dresses often play with shape whether splayed in a A-line or coyly faking flow. Chung best delivers on structure with pants. She seems to be a fan of the chino and is a lesson to any young woman who thinks she can get away with poorly made bottomwear.

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2. Collars

If one were to intimate Alexa Chung’s style for Halloween, or some other garish occasion, the best bet would be the Peter Pan collar. A close second would be the Girl Scout collar. Chung wears them like they are going out of style, but truthfully, they never will. The prim and polished look of a black pressed collar against a clean white (structured!) blouse will always and forever be a flattering look. Plus, as Chung has demonstrated throughout the era of her reign—really, there are so many collars in her past–there are numerous ways to style them.


3. Neutral

This one may be a result of the previous two: Neutral colors just look so darn good with well constructed blouses and contrasting collars. Or maybe it’s the London fog that often keeps Chung in grays, blacks and whites. The monochromatic palette certainly isn’t the full extent of her creative styling, but Chung knows the benefits of sturdy neutral against a pop of color. Basics make the fashion world go round and you really can’t go wrong with a closet full of classic color.

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4. Comfort, confidence

Why does Alexa Chung look so good in everything she owns, you ask? You’d like to know the secret, you say? It’s all about comfort. If you’ll notice, even in her most elaborate outfits (overalls, anyone?), she never seems to be fidgeting with flyaway brastraps or fraying hems. Chung is comfortable in what she wears and because she is comfortable, she is confident. And as your mother told you in sixth grade, confidence is key. The cliche to end all cliches—if you feel like a million bucks, you’re going to look it too.

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5. Forget the rules

This rule is the single most important in Chung’s repertoire. Forget the rules. Forget 1 through 4 of this list and remember, if anything, this, the most important of creeds. Alexa Chung’s style is so elusive because Chung doesn’t play by any rules. She does not wake up in the morning and add one Peter Pan collar plus one black denim pant plus one slouchy T. Instead, she picks what she likes and wears what she feels comfortable in because that is what personal style is about. That and a beautiful shade of lipstick of course.


Now go forth, darlings, and embrace your own personal style, be it all black or popping pinks, and do it in the same vein as the style icon herself, Alexa Chung. Amen.

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