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PLAYLIST: Pity Party Of One, Please

PLAYLIST: Pity Party Of One, Please

There comes a time in everyone’s life when you are sad, down, blue, and want to curl up in ball and cry (maybe not the last bit).

It’s cold, the sun has deserted you, and winter is coming. Literally.

So you’re feeling down, and you want some sympathy from yourself, since you’re not getting it from anywhere else. Time to throw yourself a pity party. Here’s some mostly instrumental music from all over the world to help you on your journey in feeling sorry for yourself.


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Yara is a part-time opera singer to-be and prefers the company of food over people. She hails from an awkward third culture, loves blue nail-polish, hates the question “Where are you from?”, is terrible at multitasking, can eat faster than you can read this bio, and currently exists in London, where she can be found partying all night. Just kidding, she's in the kitchen.
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