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5 Reasons To Listen To Eric Leva’s EP “Sink or Swim”

5 Reasons To Listen To Eric Leva’s EP “Sink or Swim”

If you’ve been following LD’s music coverage recently, you’ve likely read about new artist, Eric Leva. Born and raised in Boston, Eric is now recording and performing his music in New York. We were early fans of Eric’s “I Should Know” and we’re even more excited about his newly released EP, “Sink or Swim.”

Here’s why you should you join us in listening to “Sink or Swim.”

1. There are two brand-new tracks. “Losing Speed” and “None of the Above” are featured tracks on Eric’s EP in addition to his two other recent singles, “I Should know” and “Renovation.” Each song offers a new sound and lyrics more profound than most 20-somethings could write.

“I think if people focus on writing genuinely from the inside out, it’ll eventually have an impact on the masses. People know when a song comes from a true place,” Eric previously shared with LD.

2. Those piano skills. His musical talent doesn’t end and begin with singing. Eric is a classically trained pianist and dedicated his youth to honing his skills.

3. You may be listening to the next Ryan Tedder. Eric discovered his love for music when he was eight-years-old. He cites the One Republic frontman and music industry powerhouse as a major influence on his writing style and career aspirations. The music industry is ripe for a new sound. Eric could be that artist following in Tedder’s footsteps.

4. You need a break from “1989.” If you feel like everywhere you turn these days, you’re seeing Taylor Swift, listening to her music, and getting constant reminders that “1989” is out, you’re not imagining things! She’s everywhere, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but you shouldn’t exclusively listen to her album on loop. (Really, how many times can one person withstand “Shake it Off?”) Do yourself a favor and break from the pack. “Sink or Swim” is the breath of fresh air you desperately need.

5. Your friends will thank you. Introduce them to new music from an artist on the rise. Your buds will think you’re the cool friend in the group.

Download “Sink or Swim” on iTunes and let Eric and LD know what you think of the EP on Twitter!


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