Acoustic Versions Do It Better

When I first started downloading music with Napster in high school, being the emo kid that I was, I tried to find songs labeled B-sides, RARE, or *~*HARD TO FIND*~* so I could discover music before anyone else. I ended up with a lot of acoustic versions from famous people (in fact, this is how I first heard Weezer and “Jessie’s Girl”). When you’re used to the acoustic version of a song, the album version can sound a little jarring, like there’s a lot of extra noise in there. Sometimes it’s nice to just hear the stripped down version and the true power behind the singer’s voice. Other times a song has been completely reimagined. For this week’s aural fixation, I’m providing a list of some pivotal acoustic versions of songs from my iTunes.


1) John Mayer – Love Song For No One (I know I KNOW he’s a douche but his music is SO GOOD)

2) Weezer – No One Else

3) Everclear (?) – Jessie’s Girl (Yeah, I bet you didn’t see THAT one coming)!/s/Jessie+s+Girl+Acoustic/cEmHq?src=5

4) Dynamite Hack – Boyz-n-the-Hood

5) Sublime – Saw Red (I like the original better but this is moving)

6) That Swedish goddess, Robyn – Hang With Me

7) Obadiah Parker – Hey Ya

Honorable mentions: Foo Fighters – Everlong; Sam Smith – Latch; the entirety of Swiss Army Romance (I SAID I was an emo kid).

And of course, this list wouldn’t be complete without T-PAIN:

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