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How To Dress Like Jess From “New Girl”

How To Dress Like Jess From “New Girl”

Zooey Deschanel’s character Jess is the doe-eyed queen of quirky cuteness, and she has the closet to match. Her wardrobe is made up of simple solids mixed with bold patterns, Peter Pan collars, full skirts, and playful accents. Her style gives off a sweet subtly ’50s vibe. Jess’s youthful, girly facade enhances her unique charm. Brightening up simple staples like solid cardigans and classic patterns with whimsical accessories, Jess’s cute look is easy to emulate. Many aspects of Jess’s life are worth envying, but until your adorable British coworker with the perfect scruff realizes that he’s madly in love with you, here’s how to steal the spunky schoolteacher’s style in the meantime.


Bold Cardigans and Primary Colors

Jess mixes lots of simple, cheery colors in traditional silhouettes. Pair an A-line dress with a basic cardi. A heart-shaped cross body bag like the one Jess is seen donning in a couple of episodes is the perfect finishing touch.

new-girl-green-dress-blue-cardigan       blue dress



Polka Dots

Jess rocks a lot of dots. From multicolored to neutral tones, try a polka dotted skirt with a solid top. Delicate collars, frills, and bows compliment the classic pattern. Pair with simple flats for a fresh, feminine look.

40cd70dc01b0018c08804d652d93014f   polka dot skirt


Nautical Accents

Wide collars, stripes, and red accents are staples in Jess’s wardrobe. This teal sailor dress is the epitome of Jess style. Red lips and a pair of adorkable glasses complete the look.

jess-nautical-short-sleeve-sweater   nautical dress


Patterned Skirts

Jess is constantly sporting full skirts in bright patterns. She doesn’t let a busy skirt stop her from topping it off with a bold top.

Jessica-Day-jessica-day-32579972-435-653    patterned skirt


Bright Coat

Jess wears so many adorable candy-colored coats on the show. This one is the perfect compliment to her traditional Peter Pan collar.

zooey-purple-coat-with-pockets            yellow coat



Classic stripes add a classic cool girl je ne sais quoi. Pair with black high-waisted shorts and low heels in a pop of color for a dressed up-casual look.


         striped top


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Lauren Dozier
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