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What’s Open In Our Tabs Today

What’s Open In Our Tabs Today

Twenty-Something Tuesday

Welcome back to the LD link roundup! Here, we share the exciting treasures we’ve collected from across the far corners of the Internet, showcasing the best and brightest tabs of what we’ve read, listened to, bought or pined over.


Why would someone adopt 22 children? What would that even be like? Read to find out.

So a lot of people hate Jezebel because it’s “too snarky” (I have an extremely high snark threshold so I’m immune) but their new vertical Flygirl is captivating, beautifully written prose about traveling.


This recipe from Tupelo Honey Café puts a twist on the traditional southern dish. I love to eat grits with goat cheese because they get so creamy and fluffy, but it still doesn’t feel like a heavy meal—perfect for these hot summer nights in the South. I left out the cream and butter to make it a little healthier. Spoiler alert: This dish was extremely tasty.

I’ve already written about what a crazy/awesome show “Pretty Little Liars” is. I am kind of obsessed and can’t help but check this subreddit every day for new fan theories and memes. We find out who “A” is in ONE WEEK!

Kristin U. and I have been hard at work for our “Harry Potter” article, and this is one of the many tabs I’ve had open which explores the cultural impact of the series. Saptarshi Ray brought up some important points about how we can read the books as a reflection of human oppression: “The Harry Potter books are filled with racial themes and parallels can be drawn with Muslims in the UK, Tamils in Sri Lanka, Irish nationalists, Palestinians in Gaza, the founding fathers of America, Indian independence fighters, Basque separatists, the U.S. civil rights movement, the Peoples’ Front of Judea and just about any group, anywhere, from any time.” (Also, nice “Life Of Brian” reference there.)



OK, so I’m definitely plugging my own writing here, but I’m extremely pleased with this piece. Over 500 people have filed with the FEC to officially run for president, including Limberbutt (a cat) and Crawfish Crawfish (a crawfish). If you want to be an informed voter, it’s crucial you brush up on these candidates, right meow.

As we creep up on the anniversary of Hurricane Katrina, this article is a timely (and heartbreaking) reminder of the toll that natural disasters can have on American life. After the weeks or months of coverage following a disaster, eventually the interest fades and we, as a country, stop actively thinking about it. But for many people whose lives were destroyed, they’ll never be able to forget. The Atlantic always has amazing coverage, and this is no exception.

When I get off of work every night at 1 a.m. I go on a massive Buzzfeed binge in order to get my head out of my “work space.” Maybe it’s because it was 1:30 in the morning, but when I read this list I spit my water everywhere. Like, all over myself and my dog.


If I could set a video as my desktop image, this is what I would choose. I am the human incarnation of Miss Piggy (minus the wardrobe budget) and everything about Rihanna’s video for “Bitch Better Have My Money” is perfect. This video was made for me.

As a lifelong cilantro hater, I am somewhat of a minority among my friends and family, who swear by it. This article and the anti-cilantro community (which includes Julia Child!) make me feel not so alone in the world because my palate is too refined for that devil weed.

As someone who has thought about her wedding since a young age but who has almost always been fat, this article healed a wound I didn’t know I had. So many brides in the media obsess about losing weight for the wedding—which is fine, everyone deserves to feel beautiful on their big day! But I happen to be pleased with my body as it is and it’s nice to feel like there are other plus-size brides out there, vastly underrepresented as we are, who don’t feel they have to change something fundamental just for one party.


So 1000 Italians got together for the most epic jam session you’ve ever seen. As a 90s alt-rock and long time Foo Fighters fan, this video gave me goosebumps. It’s the music moment I’ve secretly wanted to be part of my whole life, and the fact that they did this to send a message to the band begging them to come play their town, just makes it even cooler.

Don’t be fooled by the title, this is not your typical Southern argument or apologetics, instead it’s a look at how the non-Southern part of U.S. has made a hard play to declare the South as the exclusive bastion of racism and sole source of the country’s ailments. It looks at the lack of diversity, segregation, and innate racism in the northern cities that like to pretend their hands are clean. It’s a great look at how dangerous a single narrative can be and how the racial issues in the U.S. aren’t a Southern problem, they’re an American one.

If you follow Humans of New York, but like me, prefer critters to people, this is the snarky cat post for you. Something about cats being assholes just really works for me.


The title alone made me nervous to watch this video, because I feared it would come off a bit shamey. However I was so curious when it popped up on my newsfeed that I had to watch it. Once it ended, I wasn’t so sure what or how to feel, especially because it hit home for me. To say the least, I think it’s thought-provoking and worth watching.

My father woke me up one morning to converse over the current winner of the “World’s Ugliest Dog” contest. Strange conversation, but here we are. If you’re an avid dog-lover like me, you still consider these “unattractive” canines absolutely precious and dream of adopting them all.

Chick flick, watched. Bottle of wine, finished. I was in the mood to write. So I pull out my laptop, but my writer’s block beat me to the chase. I lost my train of thought but knew I wanted the premise of my next article to be about how I don’t know how to handle my feelings. That is when I found myself here.


To me, there is nothing more precious than a child’s reaction to hearing that they’re going to Disney for the first time! Since I’ve just got back from a surprise trip and I already miss it, I’m trying to keep the memories going by watching other people’s Disney World vlogs. YouTubers Marie “bitsandclips” and Louise “SprinkleofGlitter” have the most adorable little girls!

August means new agenda time and I’m seriously coveting this Lilly Pulitzer one! I mean, look at the elephants! And it’s pink!

For’s “Women in Theatre” week, seven women share their thoughts on sexism, gender parity in the industry and remaining true to their craft. I absolutely fell in love with Ruthie Ann Miles when she accepted her Tony Award and spoke about the need for more diversity in theatre. Here she speaks on her Tony winning role as “Lady Thiang” in The King and I and talks about how the quietest woman in the room can sometimes be the most powerful.



Jonathan Levine’s film “The Night Before” starring Seth Rogen, Joseph Gordon Levitt, and Anthony Mackie just got itself a trailer that is too good to watch only once. “The Night Before” is a Christmas comedy scheduled to be released on November 25th.

William Kenower discusses what it means to be a writer and the overall question we must be asking ourselves each time we sit down to write in his article, “What We Want Most.” Our expectations for writing should be focused on what fulfills us and should stray far away from what we believe will put us on the literary map.

There’s isn’t much to write about this article on the recent fatal shooting of Samuel DuBose. I believe it’s important to find news sites that you find valuable and trustworthy and stay up to date with what’s happening around us.


Mindy Kaling uses her wit to give us a rundown of the tropes that appear every pilot season. As we get ready for a new season of shows she tells us what to look out for and what to look forward to. Use this as a challenge this fall to see which of your favorites are recycling some old ideas.

This is Mindy Kaling too, and I’m not even sorry. Mindy takes the Proust questionnaire and we learn a little more about our very favorite comedienne from her idea of perfect happiness to what she considers the depth of misery. I for one can’t wait to get and read “Why Not Me?”

Chandler is us. We are Chandler. Chandler gets what it’s like to be dating while a twenty-something. He also understands the introverts and socially awkward person who just wants love. Read this and laugh then go re-watch “Friends” you know you want to.

I wish Blake Lively was my girlfriend. She’d be perfect, and I’ve always wanted to take up beekeeping (OK maybe not but I would do it). Honestly this is the funniest thing I’ve seen in a hot minute.

This is a feature from a magazine about a local hero, former Olympic boxer Deontay Wilder. He happens to be an Alabama native and this happens to be written by one of my favorite writers. Whether you’re an avid fan or don’t know what a KO is you want to read this.


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