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Two Skincare Products To Prep For Fall And Winter

Two Skincare Products To Prep For Fall And Winter

If you’re like me and take delight in beauty products that can promise dual-action and time-saving results, then you’ll be pleased to discover these two skin-saving products: Cosmedix Rescue + Intense Balm & Mask ($59) and Immunocologie’s Exfoliating Lotion ($150). Though created for two widely different purposes, these two products are effective and efficient methods of preserving the clarity of your complexion. With summer winding down, they could be necessary additions to your fall/winter beauty arsenal.

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Admittedly, I’m kind of over-sensitive about moisturizing my skin. Lucky for me, Cosmedix Rescue + Intense Balm & Mask is great for dry skin. Ingredients include vegetable oil and the almighty shea butter, which by now, you’ve seen touted across numerous blogs and glossy magazines. True to the name, you can use this as a quick-fix mask or leave it on overnight. It should be noted that the Rescue + edition has additional anti-inflammatory ingredients and has less of a concentration of cherry extract than the original formula. I wouldn’t consider myself who has skin that can become easily irritated, but due to the aforementioned ingredients list (full list can be viewed here), if you have acne-prone or oily skin, you may want to skip this product. If you’re someone who raves about face masks, the Rescue + Intense Balm & Mask could be a viable substitute. It didn’t leave my skin feeling tight or dry, but rather plump and nourished.

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On the other end of the skincare spectrum, Immunocologie’s Exfoliating Lotion can be used as a daily exfoliator in the morning and/or evening. Ingredients include: lactic and glycolic acids, Canadian colloidal clay, Kaolin (a type of white clay, otherwise known as “China Clay”), and sodium benzoate. In the past, sodium benzoate has come under fire, namely when Bethenny Frankel’s Skinnygirl Margarita line was pulled from Whole Foods was “purportedly having a non-natural preservative thought to be sodium benzoate.” However, no need to be too alarmed: Sodium benzoate is found in many foods that people consume every day, such as sodas and juice drinks. Randy Worobo, an associate professor of food microbiology at Cornell University, told LA Times, “Under acidic conditions, sodium benzoate inhibits growth of bacteria, mold and yeast, extending a product’s shelf life. Without it a product’s shelf life is much shorter, and that adds costs to the producer.”

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I found that the Exfoliating Lotion was similar to the St. Ives scrubs you can find at CVS or Walgreens, minus the microbeads. The formula doesn’t have an overpowering scent and it isn’t overwhelmingly thick. It’s marketed for all skin types. Speaking to Glamour, celebrity makeup artist Matin, who has painted such recognizable faces as Angelina Jolie, Sarah Jessica Parker, and Gwyneth Paltrow, raved about the lotion and said, “It can be used daily and just kind of sucks off the dead skin, bringing it back to a healthy glow.”  

To buy either product, order directly through their websites or check their respective stockists.


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