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20 Under 30: Underwhelming Accomplishments

20 Under 30: Underwhelming Accomplishments

Twenty-Something Tuesday

This is a fantastic generation of women. We’ve been seeing unprecedented female badassery from all over the globe, in the fields of politics, academia, entertainment (and countless others), and their accomplishments should be celebrated with the fanfare they deserve. But for a variety of reasons, not everyone can be a do-something bitch. Sometimes, the little daily victories for us civilians feel extraordinary, so cheers to these minor accomplishments.



Ate Healthy

An actual photo of me.

I have had TWO salads for dinner in the past week. Wondering why I have not lost five pounds already.


Didn’t Kill Anyone At the Grocery Store

“If you don’t stop blocking this aisle I’m literally going to murder you.”

The grocery store is a special level of hell for me, a hater of crowds, slow walkers, and the mindless prattle of overly concerned shoppers. But this week, I got in and out in under an hour without even thinking of murder. I just cursed constantly under my breath.



Two-Ranch Champ


I did not ask for a third ranch at Chick-fil-A even though I wanted to. Obviously my cholesterol is dropping as we speak.



Domestic Goddess


Last week I got my laundry out of the dryer and put it away, not only before needing something out of it, not only before I needed the basket for my new growing pile of dirty clothes, but within 24 hours of the dryer going off. (Greatness like this has not since been repeated.)



Morning Go-GetterWaking Up


Got out of bed in the morning even though it was raining.


Ate Chipotle Responsibly


I got Chipotle because I was going away for the weekend and didn’t want to buy groceries knowing they would go bad.



Made Myself Breakfast


I’ve been single for exactly a month! I always get a little sad on Saturdays and Sundays when I wake up alone and think about breakfast. Instead of grabbing the cheerios this morning, I made apple cinnamon pancakes and bacon just for myself. It was lovely.



Bought Floss


This week, for perhaps the first time in my life (crafts-related purposes excepted), I bought dental floss. And then, even more impressively, I used it.



Activated and Transferred a Verizon Account


If you’ve ever tried to get Verizon to do anything in a timely and an efficient manner—and had it actually work—you’re aware of how huge an accomplishment this is.


Cleaned Out My Closet for the First Time in Five Years


If you’ve stayed the same size and kept the same style for the last five years, perhaps this isn’t much of a feat, but mine looked like a bomb had gone off and I even took the purge to Goodwill.



Put on Pants


Any day I put real pants on is truly an accomplishment. That feeling of success is not eliminated by the fact that I put sweatpants on immediately when I walk back in the door. Everyone deserves a high five for making it out the door with pants on.


Ate Non-Dessert Food for Breakfast


Old, bad habits die hard. Grabbing a banana instead of the oh-so-tempting chocolate chip cookie is much easier said than done.


Finished All 10 Seasons of Friends in Two Weeks


It takes real commitment to watch 10 seasons of a TV show while working 40 hours a week, but I did it. Stay tuned for updates on when I finish all 10 seasons of Grey’s Anatomy.


Only Spent $8 at Ulta


I could have spent the $40 I was considering to get the free BareMinerals gift that I wanted but knew I didn’t need. Instead, I made use of my $3.50 off $10 coupon and only bought the OPI nail polish color I’ve been coveting.


See Also

Went to Bed Before 10 p.m.


My sleep schedule is all out of whack lately, and my adult body cannot handle that. Suffice to say that I am always proud of myself when I make it to bed by 10 p.m.


Kissed a Hot Boy


Finding attractive people you can actually stand talking [or not talking] to gets a lot harder when you’re not surrounded by them in college and have to work full time. Finding one worth kissing is a huge feat when you spend half of your limited free time watching Netflix at home in your pajamas.



Did not cry in public


You know it’s a good day when not crying is a personal achievement. I am a hero. I held back the waterworks all day, until I got home around 2 p.m., laid on the floor face down and let it all out.


Did not scream in public


On a similar note, note screaming at the daily stupidity of the people around me is a feat I am incredibly proud of.



Bought Condoms


Because really, nobody should feel ashamed to practice safe sex.


Had safe sex


Because I shamelessly bought those condoms for to actively practice said safe sex (Eat your heart out, Amber Rose).


Did Not Buy Unnecessary $5 Latte


Having some dough in your pockets helps with the shameless purchase of condoms to practice safe and shameless sex.


What small victories are you celebrating this week? Tweet us @litdarling and let us know!

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Natalie is, despite her best efforts, somewhat of an adult. Ish. A resident of the San Francisco Bay Area, a film student at UC Santa Cruz, and an avid Harry Potter fan, Natalie spends too much time on the internet avoiding major responsibilities. Unless it's baseball season. Beneath snark and sarcasm lies a proud feminist with a sailor's mouth and the occasionally witty and/or intelligent remark. Or so she hopes.
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