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For some it’s where you go to find GIFs, and for others it’s where you let your nerd flag fly proudly: We love Tumblr. Some use Tumblr to create: fan art, fanfiction, fanvids, or original content for a specific niche such as digital marketing for dentists. There are all different kinds of blogs to follow on Tumblr. You can follow your favorite celebrities and TV shows and fill their ask box with questions. Or follow amazing artists who create new content every day for you to drool over. Or follow fashion blogs for ideas on where to get the best deals so you can look good for work, dates, or chillin’ at home scrolling through Tumblr.


This is Lorde’s official Tumblr. It’s a refreshing, pop culture extravaganza, from cinematic idols to musicians and street style snapshots to high fashion editorials. She even takes the time to answer fan mail!

Favorite Post: Lorde reflects on 2014 in a way that’s both vulnerable and hopeful.

Do You Think You’re Pretty?

Favorite Post: Although she has a lot of advice posts (it’s the focus of the Tumblr), this is one of my favorite reminders about relationships.

A Well Traveled Woman

A Well Traveled Woman’s Tumblr is a perfectly curated assortment of quotes, music, and photography with a focus on travel, architecture, and nature. If you dig neutral-toned lifestyle photography and the outdoors, this is the Tumblr for you.

Favorite post: This photo captures the essence of A Well Traveled Woman—neutral colors in the outdoors.

Matt Bellassai

Matt Bellassai is a writer at Buzzfeed, best known for his love of Beyoncé, butts, and boys. You might know him from his weekly video series, Whine About It. Matt is seriously hilarious and his Tumblr perfectly reflects his personality and style of comedy. With a variety of memes, pop culture references, and endless GIF sets, Matt is THE person to follow for your daily dose of laughter.

Favorite post: Matt Bellassai’s #aesthetic

ACTUAL favorite post: If Harry Styles Were Taylor Swift

Brooklyn Nine Nine Gifs

Brooklyn Nine Nine is arguably the best comedy left on TV today, so it’s wise to have a convenient source for GIFs after new episodes air. Also Gina Linetti is basically our spirit animal.

Favorite post: Gina Linetti speaking the truth in the season 3 premiere of B99.

That Kind Of Woman

TKoW is defined as “A lifestyle site dedicated to the things that inspire a young woman with a good head on her shoulders, an overactive imagination and a constant question on her mind: what kind of woman is she?” Here you’ll find beautiful lifestyle photography (scenery, fashion, cooking, etc.), original writing, advice posts, and weekly rundowns of things you should check out, handpicked by Kat, the creative mind behind TKoW.

Favorite post: Weekly Rundown/Recommendations: week of September 21st.

Blythe Baird

Blythe is an actress, feminist, and published writer from Chicago. Her Tumblr primarily focuses on writing/poetry, slam performances, and horoscopes. Her poem, “Girl Code 101” gained national attention and has since been used in academic lesson plans globally. Give Blythe a follow if you’re looking for a dose of inspiration, empowering writing, or just love to read poetry on your dashboard.

Favorite post: Blythe Baird’s “Girl Code 101”

The Bookworm of Camelot

We love all things books, so of course we’re going to follow a fellow book nerd who actually takes time to curate our kind of literary content. It’s pictures of stacks of book and bookish related things with just a dash of cute animals and funny posts.

Favorite Post: Here is the blog’s aesthetic summed up in one post, and it just happens to be my happy place.

Fuck it and Move to Britain

About once a week your dashboard is inundated with more English landscape porn than you can fathom. It’s nothing but the most gorgeous photos of the English countryside, small historic towns, beautiful ocean vistas, and even a few of London-town. Nothing will make you want to grab your passport faster.

Favorite Post:

Tea, Coffee, and Books

Is there anything better than tea and books? Probably not, but delightfully staged pictures of them come close. With gorgeous photos of books, tea, and coffee (shocker, right?) you’ll be dying to curl up in a comfy chair with both.

Favorite Post:


All other networks need to take a page out of the BBC’s book, because their Tumblr is unparalleled. It’s up-to-date live blogging with all new shows, it retweets fan creations, it ships your favorite pairings (particularly John/Sherlock) and the level of snark is pure perfection.

Favorite Post: Presently this one, because holy crap it’s the new “Sherlock” trailer.

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