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Music for Rainy Days

Music for Rainy Days

Here in Alabama it’s been raining for what feels like weeks. In reality it’s been about 9 days and by now I’m like Thumbelina singing “Once There Was the Sun.” I’ve realized that maybe the rain isn’t all bad. It’s brought some cooler weather and with that comes my sweaters and boots. So in an effort to have my mood match the weather I’ve been listening to a lot of mellow songs that have a beat. These are some new bands I’d never heard of before adding them to my playlist and some older bands with new songs I haven’t heard before. Enjoy!

  1. New York – Bind Pilot
  2. Leave My Body – Florence + the Machine
  3. Flares – The Script
  4. Lay Me Down – The Wreckers
  5. Hallelujah – Panic at the Disco
  6. Yours and Mine – Brooke Annibale
  7. Roots – Imagine Dragons
  8. Everything is Brilliant – Rosi Golan
  9. Welcome Home, Son – Radical Face
  10. Graveyard – Feist
  11. Free Like You Make Me -Cary Brothers
  12. Restless – Switchfoot
  13. Into the Fire – Erin McCarley
  14. Lioness – Calhoun
  15. Battle Scars – Paradise Fears

What are your favorite songs for rainy weather? Tweet us @litdarling!


Lindsey Collins is an Alabama native and a grad of UA. #RollTide. She has been with Literally, Darling for almost two years, first as a writer of all the fandom/pop culture things. After realizing how much of a entertainment buff she is, they made her Entertainment Editor. She is a lover of all things nerd and sometimes can't help how excited she gets about fictional people. If you are looking for her, you'll probably find her in the Young Adult section of a bookstore, or on her couch reading books from said section. If you can’t find her in a bookstore, it’s because she finally found a genie to grant her wish to be a mermaid. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @bellelcollins to see pictures of her nephew and read her weird stories.
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