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5 Colors To Spice Up Your Home Décor

5 Colors To Spice Up Your Home Décor

Decorating an apartment or home is a process. It takes time to find the perfect wall art, and a lot of effort to find pieces of décor to finish off a room. Need a few more statement pieces? Look no further.

1. Add a splash of red

Red accessories can be used to brighten up any room. For a subtle pop of color, try placing red bookends on your bookshelf, or a glass candle holder. Love the vibrant hue? Find a statement piece to grab attention.

2. Use a touch of turquoise

Turquoise is my favorite color to decorate with, and my main bedroom color, so I can’t get enough of these decorative accessories. Turquoise and teal are great ways to brighten a room, and vary from light to vibrant to fit any aesthetic.

3. Incorporate unique shades

Purple probably isn’t the first color you think of to decorate with, but you can use it sparingly to add a little color in your favorite space. Try a candle in your favorite scent or an accent pillow.

4. White, to go with anything

Neutrals like white are great, since they’ll already match whatever your current color scheme is. Plus, they can be moved to a different space if you decide to re-decorate. Try a quirky accent piece or pair it with a plant.

5. Shades of grey

Grey also works with most color schemes, but you can use it to decorate in an elegant or minimalist way, too. Try a throw blanket that matches your living room furniture, or switch out your lampshades. This works especially well with espresso or black furniture.

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If you have a specific color in mind, there are many places I’d recommend checking for new décor. TJ Maxx and Marshalls usually organize their home sections by color, and Homegoods (owned by the same company) has an even larger decorating section. Target is excellent for whimsical accessories, and At Home stores have every color under the sun.

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