WANTED: Smart, Sassy & Classy Writers With Stories To Tell

It is a truth universally known that every sassy and classy millennial magazine is in want of brilliant and talented writers. And seeing that we are both classy, sassy and smart-assey we are on the hunt for the unique thinkers, the analytical ponder-ers, those up on the news, culture, entertainment, and the cutest animal pics on the Internet. We’re looking for people who are interested in delving into the topics relevant to our generation from the college-aged to the (*gasp*) pushing 30. We have a lot of sections and LD is all about spreading your interests far and wide, so we don’t pigeonhole you into only writing about one thing. All we ask is that you bring an interesting perspective to pieces, you’re willing to dig through the bullshit and say something original, and you’re not afraid to tackle topics outside of your comfort zone.

So are YOU a good fit for LD? Ask yourself these questions:

– Do you want to work, collaborate, goof off, and generally run amok on the Internet with some of the brightest, funniest, loveliest ladies (and some gents!) that you’ve ever met?

– Do you have big opinions and even better stories to tell?

– Can you commit to write 2–4 articles per month?

– Are you interested in joining a community of writers who support and promote each other’s work and are committed to helping the site and the writers grow?

– Are you comfortable pitching and brainstorming ideas with editors and taking their constructive criticism to make the article the best it can be?

– (This is a big one.) Can you meet deadlines and follow processes?

– Are you a good writer?

– Do you like to think critically about the world around you?

– Do you solemnly swear that you are not a fun sucker?

– Are you mortally offended by pants and spend far too much time on the Internet?

If these things are true, you might be the gal (or guy) for us. Now you probably want to know how to apply.

Step One:

Tell us about yourself. What makes you interesting? What’s type of thing gets you all worked up? What’s your best story to tell over brunch?

Step Two:

Look through our sections and let us know which ones you think you’d be most interested in writing for. Then come up with three article titles for one of your top section choices that you’d want to write if you’re chosen. Not sure what’s a good fit for each section? Check out this handy guide below to help you out.

Step Three:

Send us a writing sample that you think would be a good fit for publishing on LD. If you already have something that’s been published elsewhere, send us the link, or a PDF (we have to be able to open anything you send). You can also write a brand new article for us. If you do write a new one, let us know. The catch is your sample has to be a perspective piece. We want to see how your brain works so paint us a picture and tell us a story and tell it why it matters to the world.  Smart is sexy, darlings, and you don’t have to be an expert on something—you just have to have an opinion, an original way of saying it and know how to use Google. So let’s see it.

Step Four:

Include a GIF of your choosing that leaves an impression.

Step Five:

SEND IT TO US! Email us at [email protected] with the subject line: LD Writers: First Name, Last Name.


All staff meetings and conversations are done via a private Facebook group, so it is critical that all writers have access to Facebook or are willing to create one. We also publish via WordPress, so a familiarity or willingness to learn the platform is critical. Also: We wish we could pay you, but we all do this out of the opinionated goodness of our hearts. No one makes any money. Not even the puppy mascot.



Editor-in-Chief & Founder at Literally, Darling
Katie wrote multiple variations of her bio to no avail.The first painted her as a socially awkward political philosophy nerd who is more comfortable in nature, and likes critters more than people. The second spoke of her Southern big sister need to adopt everyone, feed them their feelings, and correct their manners. The third made her sound like a bitchy academic elitist who shops too much and has a dictator complex. All these things are true. In the end, Katie hails from Northern Virginia, hates polarizing politics, wishes she lived in England, and spends more time with her family and animals than anyone else. She can usually be found bossing someone (most likely her sister) around from behind her camera, or hosting overly complicated dinner parties. She writes for a living, is in graduate school for writing, and thought it would be a good idea to change things up, and start a website where she can, you know, write some more.
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