Why You Definitely Need To Sign Up For A Book Boyfriend Box

I’ve talked before about how much I love subscription boxes, especially book-themed ones. Last month I got a chance to talk to the owner of the Book Boyfriend Box, Bailey, about fandoms and what makes a great “book boyfriend.” Bailey was also kind enough to send a box my way to review, and if you haven’t signed up yet, I suggest you do so now.

Without further ado—and with spoilers—here is what I received in my December box. The theme for this month was “Love Letters.”

Pen and Paper

In my box I got a golden quill pen to help me channel my inner Austen or Harry Potter, depending on what suits your current writing mood.

I also got a Captain Wentworth-inspired notepad. This was an exclusive item from @dropandgivemenerdy. If you don’t follow her on Instagram, do so immediately. Alexis also has a subscription box, @nerdy.post, that I look forward to watching her draw out on IG everyday.

Pride and Prejudice for Days

I got TWO different Pride and Prejudice-themed items in this month’s box. First was some tea. First Edition Tea handcrafts their flavors for people looking for the perfect blend to go with Darcy or Sherlock. You can order some handmade tea from Stephanie here.

In the Love Letters box I also got some P&P inspired soap. At first I was pretty skeptical about a soap making me think of Netherfield or Longbourn, but I was very wrong. All books aside this soap smells fantastic. It’s hard to describe but it definitely smells like lavender and fresh air, plus something I just can’t place. The literary and geek inspired soaps can be found in the TheMacBath Etsy shop.


We all need someplace to put our hot chocolate. tea, or whatever while we read in our perfect chair. In this box, I got an coaster featuring pages from Persuasion. You can find more of her book themed jewelry, art, and coasters at Jill’s Etsy shop.

We are Still Tornadoes by Michael Kun and Susan Mullen

This month’s Book Boyfriend Box featured read was We Are Still Tornadoes. Set during the first year after high school when when two childhood friends make different plans for life after high school, the book is formatted as a series of letters between best friends, Scott and Cath, who have been separated by college. Box subscribers also got a note from the authors who explained why they choose to set this book in the mid 80s before cell phones were everywhere and email was popular.

We Are Still Tornadoes has now made it way to the very top of my TBR.

img_7526Subscription boxes provide a unique opportunity to share something with the bookish community. It’s like a present to yourself delivered each month. I get excited everytime I get a shipping notification email. If you are anything like me and love good characters and fun goodies you need to give the Book Boyfriend Box a try.  Go ahead and subscribe today. As a Literally, Darling reader you can get 10% off your first box! Use the code LITERALLY10 at checkout.



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