5 Must-Have Accessories For Winning At Midterms

by Kelsey Morgan


It’s already been proven that dressing to the nines helps to boost your confidence, and then, in turn, being confident helps you to perform better throughout the day… so with Midterms slowly encroaching like a dark mist over the distant mountains, dressing to impress is just another thing you can add to your repertoire of study notes, energy drinks, and (possibly) wine. Lots and lots of wine.

This includes clothes, accessories, whatever have you, that makes you feel good about yourself. Maybe that’s a ballgown, maybe that’s PJs, it doesn’t matter—do what you have to for yourself, anyone else be damned. It’s your grades, after all.


1. Phone Cases

All hail the mighty iPad or Android Tablet, those which are basically just computers that will fit into your already-stuffed backpack. Or, even better, if you’re like me and don’t like to carry around all of a laptop, tablet, and phone, let’s be real here—Apple, in its ridiculous state of mind and trendy checklist needs, came out with the iPhone 7 Plus, which is basically a tablet for anyone with small hands. Or big hands. What I’m trying to say is, it’s huge and gaudy and I need it.

In terms of cases, I’m currently obsessed with this whole fabric wallet/case combo. Because, just as I don’t care to carry around my entire technology library, the ability to free up some room in my purse is nice too. More room for perfume, or a small dog, or my giant iPhone.


2. Get-Psyched Playlists

Just like how a good outfit gets you in a good mood, obviously so does a killer playlist designed to boost your endorphins and prepare you to take on the world.

Or, well, your Econ Midterm. Whether you make one of your own, or tap into the endless sea of kick-butt playlists available online, deafening yourself with a Midterm Pre-Spring Break playlist blast right before a test will definitely get you pumped up, not to mention the residual eardrum buzzing might later work as a good ambient-noise generator when you’re hanging over your bubble sheet.


3. Outfits

Eventually I was going to talk about cute outfits. Obviously. It’s only been the main repeating factor in all of this. Maybe I should have mentioned outfits first? Nah, I prefer to keep you on your toes, like, “what the heck is she going to talk about next?”

Don’t worry about it, just keep reading.

With spring on its way and your legs possibly needing a little bit of sunlight, why not ring in the warm weather with a pair of new shorts? Or a cute sundress and strappy heels? Not only will you be alerting everyone to your pending Spring Break vacay (foreshadowing to a future point—stop, don’t scroll ahead!) the chill of the lecture hall on your bare arms/legs might just be the extra zap of energy you need to keep your head clear mid-test.


4. Bags

Need something big enough to fit your handful of an iPhone? To carry a jacket if maybe you jumped the gun a bit on how “spring-timey” it actually was outside?

Ready for Spring like… 💐💕✨ @joandkemp (Shop link in bio)

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Welcome to the world of backpacks as purses, also known as heaven on earth. (Maybe this article should actually be called, “combining two things into one thing makes better things”).

No longer will you have to worry about your purse hitting the pavement every time you have to lean over to adjust your shoes, or your purse getting hooked on a door handle and almost dragging you down to the dirty lecture-hall carpet. Honestly, I think getting caught on a door handle is almost as horrific as when your earbuds accidentally get pulled out of your ears without your permission, or foresight. There’s no pain like it.


5. After-Parties

Congrats! Hey! You did it! You’re awesome!


“Now what?” You ask me, exiting the lecture hall with your cute skirt flowing at your heels, your backpack-purse not even within reach of the grabby-handed door handles.

Now what? It’s Spring Break! You’re young, you’re accomplished, you’re maybe a little bit irresponsible with your money, it’s time to splurge and celebrate surviving the first half of the semester (and to mentally prepare for the second half!)

Do what makes you happy, what soothes your soul, what revitalizes your body and mind. Whether that be soaking up some culture on the beach, a trip home to visit the fam, or maybe just curling up in bed with some Ben and Jerry’s and Gossip Girl, you earned this.

Photo by Steiner England

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