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I Changed My Morning Routine and I Changed My Life

I Changed My Morning Routine and I Changed My Life

I changed my life by accident. As many of these things happen, it was random and unplanned and unexpected. After all my years of dieting and trying to begin good habits I wouldn’t abandon as soon as the craving for McDonald’s kicked in, this change happened as  a fluke.

One morning I woke up before my alarm and instead of grappling for the next few minutes I went ahead and got up. I took a shower (night showers 4 lyfe) and got ready. Blow dried hair, straightener used, full makeup, and thought-out clothes then I still had 40 minutes. With all of the extra time I’d given myself I made breakfast.

This might not seem like a huge deal to you, but my whole life breakfast foods came in packages (Pop-Tarts, granola, sausage biscuits) and cooking proper  breakfasts was for nights when I had breakfast for dinner. My two fried eggs this particular morning were pretty out of the ordinary in fact, just me having eggs was pretty unusual.

I still had more time so I picked up my book and read ’til I needed to leave. I wasn’t early to work, but I felt like no matter what else happened that day I’d already been sufficiently productive to feel good about myself.

At first, this new routine was an experiment. I wanted to see how long I could keep it up, but as I realized I had more energy, didn’t want to take as many naps, and was more excited to for the day I wondered how else I could improve my (previously nonexistent) morning routine.

My sister gave birth in December to my second nephew (and the cutest ginger ever), and as she sat at home she stumbled across a Facebook post from a fellow mom about healthy supplements for an alternate energy source. As a new mom of two boys she wanted to have more energy, be healthy, and lose some baby weight. You can watch a video to see how Ketone OS and ketosis work for you.  

After seeing my sister’s improvement not just with her weight, but her energy and focus I was excited to try Ketone OS. Keto is a drink that tells your body to trigger ketosis, the process when your body is burning fat, and I was excited for anything that could help me get there. Lord knows I can’t get there on my own. So I got a sampler pack.

The sampler pack includes four different flavor/formula options, so you can find the ones you like best. Some are caffeinated options for a few of the flavors for those of us who need the caffeine. There are different flavors so you can try what works best for your diet/body type. For example, the Orange flavor has a probiotic so it can make your stomach upset depending on what you’ve eaten. Some people drink it twice a day, but I prefer just drinking one shake a day. Sometimes if I didn’t sleep well I will drink one later in the afternoon as a ‘pick me up’. My favorite flavor is Swiss Cacao and I mix it with vanilla almond milk. It’s like milk chocolate in a bottle.  

Keto OS works best with a low carb diet, and, as I tell my sister, low carb is relative. Since my will power is like real low I haven’t been as good as my sister at eating copious amounts of cauliflower, but I have seen a lot of improvements. There are TONS of low carb groups you can join on Facebook for daily recipes to try.  I used to wake up every morning thinking about when I could get a nap sometimes heading home at lunch to nap for an hour instead of eating (skipping meals is healthy no?). You can check out the company’s FAQ about Ketone OS and ketosis for more information.

Since my routine changes I have more energy and I don’t feel constantly run down and tired. I don’t dread the idea of making dinner because I don’t immediately go home and sleep. It’s easier to eat healthier because I’ve given myself time to pack my lunch mostly the leftovers from the dinners I’m not too tired to make. I’m eating out less and saving money which means I can buy more things I don’t need on Etsy.

Since starting Keto OS it’s been easier to continue my morning routine without wanting to hit snooze approximately 1,000 times every morning. I’ve still got a long way to go in getting in a healthier routine, but I’ve made a good start and if I’m going to give up chips it should be for something that is worth it.

You can get your own sampler pack or order a box here.

*This content was not sponsored by Ketone OS*


Lindsey Collins is an Alabama native and a grad of UA. #RollTide. She has been with Literally, Darling for almost two years, first as a writer of all the fandom/pop culture things. After realizing how much of a entertainment buff she is, they made her Entertainment Editor. She is a lover of all things nerd and sometimes can't help how excited she gets about fictional people. If you are looking for her, you'll probably find her in the Young Adult section of a bookstore, or on her couch reading books from said section. If you can’t find her in a bookstore, it’s because she finally found a genie to grant her wish to be a mermaid. Follow her on Twitter and Instagram at @bellelcollins to see pictures of her nephew and read her weird stories.
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