14 Ways to Conquer Your College Anxiety

You’ve managed to get the grades you wanted, and have been accepted into university. After all of that hard work and all of the stress, it’s such a relief knowing that all the worries and studying paid off, huh?

Now you have a summer of relaxing before taking the next step – you deserve nothing but enjoyment and bliss this summer after months of anxiety and concentration. Hopefully you’ve got a a big vacation with family or friends to blow off some steam ahead. Set yourself up on the beach for a few weeks, hang out by the pool, or explore new areas and treat yourself.

But, alas, whilst you’ve got a place secured and you’re spending your time off in a beautiful place with beautiful people, you can’t help but think about what’s to come. It’s a completely natural thing to fear the unknown and picture how things could go wrong, so don’t believe you are on your own with this stuff. Some people may act as though they’re cool, calm, and collected all of the time, but we all have that voice in the back of our head whispering anxieties. It can get even worse when college or university is looming as there are so many things to worry about, and there are probably a ton of scenarios running through your mind right about now.

College is a place where you can not only take your knowledge and potential work experience to the next level, but where you grow as a human being – your common sense and all-around maturity get a big boost during this tenure. If you soar through the college years, you’ll probably be well set for the rest of your life, but it’s just a case of actually getting through it. If you’re not quite sure how everything will go and it’s worrying you a little, then don’t worry, it won’t be anywhere near as daunting as what you’re thinking. Let’s talk a little about things you can and should do to survive college life.   

Be Organized

Like pretty much everything you do in life, it’s probably best to have some organization. Some people are super happy without a set plan or a set structure, but if you’re not the most confident at the moment, then a honed pattern of doing things would be ideal. We’re talking about getting your belongings and work put into designated areas – even the smallest and seemingly insignificant things. When you have a nice layout, and you know where everything is, it becomes easier to function and takes a lot of potential stress away.

It’s good to have a little routine, too. Again, if you’re someone that doesn’t exactly like a strict way of doing things, then that’s okay, but having a little mental or written timetable of your day/week would stand in good stead regarding forthcoming work, errands, and chores.   

Make Friends

Obviously making new friends is a fantastic feeling – being around others you like and care about makes any experience that much better. So if you’re feeling as though you’re going to struggle or be in a state of panic at all, it’s good to be in the same boat with supportive people! It’s also good to get involved with new people as it’ll boost your own confidence – physical and mental health are two big factors in life, but so is social health.

Ask Advice

There’s no such thing as a stupid question. Well, technically there is, but in terms of college life, anything you want to know will be happily answered by those in the know. Whether it’s the location of certain halls or some campus safety tips, there will be enough experienced people around. A lot of people are afraid to ask simple questions as they immediately feel as though they’re at the bottom of the pile in terms of knowledge and common sense, but if you don’t know about something, it’s not going to luckily fall into your brain.    

Study Hard

This kind of goes without saying, but there are some people who decide to have way more fun in their college years. You’re there to learn, so make sure to balance that with your party. Consistency is key in everything, so if you’re constantly taking breaks to joke around, then you may struggle to get back into the brain-engaging rhythm.

Be Sensible With Your Money

This is a new phase of your life. You’re now going to be away from the security blanket of your parents, and it’s time to be a real grown up with the dough you have. It’s already pretty hard living as a student, so don’t throw money around as though it’ll magically reappear in your pocket.  

Talk With Professors

Similarly to asking advice, it’s always good to chat regularly with your professors on how you’re doing in the class. And once you’ve built up a good rapport, you can ask them for guidance on your future academics and career choices.

Don’t Party Too Hard

Another one that goes without saying, huh? College kids like to enjoy themselves, and why not? They’re away and independent for the first time in their lives – they want to let loose! But there’s enjoying yourself and then there’s being a little too over-the-top. Being known as a fun and magnetic person is great, but there comes a point where you may be seen as too much of a clown, and that’s not fun.  

Don’t Do Anything Stupid

Don’t cause any trouble and don’t ruin your chances at getting something special out of this entire experience. Again, college students tend to have a reputation for having a lot of good times, but it’s also a prime time to make questionable decisions. You’re probably not a miscreant, so don’t act like one or allow yourself to be pressured into bad life choices.

Make Time For Yourself

Outside of studying and socializing, there will be times where you want to just take a seat and have a little ‘me’ time. It’ll be wise to allocate a little time in your schedule for just relaxing and being away from what could be quite a hectic schedule. Life is about balance, so if you’re constantly on the move or overthinking, it could take its toll on you.  

See A Doctor

Even if you feel as though you’re doing fairly well, checking in with a professional will be beneficial. As we mentioned, you may feel a little down or overly anxious during your first semester, so even a brief chat with a doctor or mental health practitioner could sort you out. Even calling up a doctor and making an appointment is hard for some people, so doing this could be a boost for your confidence.  


It’s essential, isn’t it? If you don’t get much sleep in, then it can ruin your entire day. We’re not saying you should have a designated bedtime, but creating a little plan for yourself could help you out – especially to begin with. You’re going to be studying a fair bit and socializing some too, so make sure you have the energy and the rehabilitation.

Eat Well

Notoriously, college and university students do not have the best diet. It’s understandable as they’re not exactly rolling in money. You can get good, nutritional food for little money. It doesn’t have to be minimalist stuff or cheap takeaways! Learning to cook is beneficial – not only because cooking is an important skill to have, but you may be able to create something from very little. Plus it can also be another confidence-boosting activity.

Do Your Chores

You were told this pretty much every day at home, and now you know why. Things pile up, don’t they!? One day you’re walking around a clean room and then, boom: clutter! You’ll have a lot on your plate already and it won’t be nice having a huge list of chores to do as well. It’s quite boring, but it would be smart to come up with a clear idea of what domestic tasks you have will be so much easier than winging it.  

Work Part-Time

If you do end up somehow having lots of free time, then part-time work wouldn’t be such a bad idea. Not only will you have some extra cash, but it can give you some much-needed work experience. If you work with your professors, you might even be able to score an internship that can give you college credit as well.

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