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6 Ways to Be & Feel Healthier in 2020

6 Ways to Be & Feel Healthier in 2020

By Maria Rhodes

This new year, let’s ask ourselves a very vital question which is often either overlooked or not given the due importance that it deserves. “How healthy are we?” And why are we asking this, you wonder? Fast-changing lifestyles have brought forth this very important subject which was perhaps pushed to the back burner in light of tight work schedules. And it is because of these lifestyles changes that problems such as depression in teens, diabetes in children, and the like have been brought into the forefront of our lives.

That is why people have begun waking up to the importance of staying healthy. Health goes way beyond just the physical aspect of controlling weight and staying in shape. Health includes a smile on the face that doesn’t fade, positivity in the mind, or a purpose to life; a desire to start each day afresh in an endeavor to achieve that purpose. This is when we can call ourselves truly healthy and free of all diseases that affect the body and mind.

This should be our new year resolution indeed! And today we’re going to discuss how to make this a living reality this new year.

Tips for Promoting Healthy Lifestyle

We probably grew up learning that health means staying fit and free of sickness. Well, not anymore. Health embraces all aspects of total well-being –mental health, emotional health, and psychological health. And there are certain basic things you can adapt to in your daily lifestyle to lead a healthy lifestyle. Let’s look at some of them.

Exercise to promote healthy living

“We should include at least 20 minutes of exercise in our daily routine” – so said our sports teacher at school or our science textbooks. As we grew up, laptops, gadgets, video games, and the like conveniently took over this pleasurable time from our life. It isn’t too late yet. Time to get back to our childhood days and embrace the importance of exercise in our life.

That doesn’t mean that you can exercise like a child now; you’re free to pick anything that you and your body can enjoy most comfortably, in accordance with your body weight or health conditions, and what you think your body could benefit from at the moment. It could be anything from strength training, walking, jogging, or swimming. The rule is to do it and to be regular with it, regardless of your schedule.

And when you learn the benefits of physical activity, there can be no excuses to make and nothing to stop you midway.

  • It keeps your weight under control as per your age and height.
  • It helps boost immunity, giving you the internal strength to fight off minor infections and keep diseases at bay.
  • It helps improve your mood, almost instantly.
  • It’s a great energy booster, keeping you recharged to work all day long without feeling tired.
  • It helps you sleep better and lets your body rest well that it so truly deserves.
  • It’s even a great social activity letting you do fun activities with your friends or loved ones all together

Eat healthy food to stay fit 

Of course, there are no substitutes to enjoying a hearty pizza meal all by yourself or relishing a lip-smacking slice of cake. But keep these to a minimum, or rather bare minimum. This is why they’re often referred to as “cheat meals” because you eat them when you want to cheat your body once in a while into eating something unhealthy.

It’s important to follow a diet pattern and again, just like exercise, you can choose one of your choice. We have some great choices for the healthiest diet to follow:

Flexitarian Diet

A combination of two words that perfectly fit today’s lifestyles – flexible and vegetarian – both the need of the hour too. We hear people complain of unhealthy diet patterns owing to time constraints and the convenience of pre-packaged ready-to-eat meals seems to be the perfect way to satisfy hunger pangs.

A healthy eating diet–

Like flexitarian diets, it talks about the health benefits of eating more plant-based diets, such as Sandra’s site Supergreens expert, with the choice of incorporating lesser meat that you’d normally take so that you don’t have to completely compromise with eating your favourite meat. This not only helps control weight but also improves overall health and well-being.

Asian continent diets

There isn’t any single Asian diet as such, but what we have here is an amalgamation of the best diets followed across the 40 nations of the Asian continent. This diet recommends consumption of vegetables, fruits, nuts, seeds, legumes, and whole grains every day. Also, proteins like soy, fish, and shellfish should be taken, while consumption of dairy, eggs, poultry, and healthy oils should be kept to a minimum. Red meat and sugary foods should be avoided to the maximum.

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Mind Diet

It is so called because its consumption has certain effect on brain health. It suggests eating more leafy greens, nuts, and berries to lower the chances of mental health decline as you age.

Keep your water intake up

Water, though an inevitable necessity for survival, is often not consumed to the desirable level, again owing to complaints of time constraints. This plain and easily-available beverage is extremely essential for the proper functioning of our body systems, such as excretion and transmission of nutrients and oxygen throughout the various organs. Water intake also helps reduce weight! Now you’d perhaps pay more attention to how much water you drink per day.

Sleep well 

Another highly overlooked item on the list of staying healthy. We’re so engrossed in working all day, whether at home or outside, that we’re working continually under pressure all the time to the point that we even forget to rest! Our body and mind need sufficient rest which, when not given, can cause it to collapse. Besides, lack of rest is often directly linked with binging more, generally junk food, which leads you to unhealthy living yet again.

Did you know that the mattress you sleep on and its material also plays a big role in determining the quality of your sleep? There are different mattress materials like spring, foam, coir, memory and latex mattress that serves different purposes as per the individuals body type.

Give your life a purpose 

Take a minute and look at your life closely. You’re following a mechanical routine every single day of your life. Is that really enough? Yes, you have something to do –take care of the household, family needs, or work outside to earn enough for supporting your living standards. But that isn’t really enough.

What we all need is to give our life a clear and significant meaning. That would help you stay healthy mentally – stress-free and relaxed. Of course, it may not come naturally or overnight. But certain activities can help reach you there. Many of them have already been discussed in this list above – eating healthy, reducing intake of meat, and exercising daily. All of these help cleanse your body and mind. Besides, a few minutes of meditation every day and listening to soothing music also help.

Staying healthy isn’t a choice; it’s a way of life without which there is no life at all. Work towards living healthy today.

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