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Prepared Not Scared: College Campus Safety

As a female college student at a small university in Virginia, I've been thinking a lot about Hannah Graham lately. If you've followed the story at all, you'll know that Graham is an 18 year-old sophomore...

A Letter To Our Editor On Her Birthday

There are few things in this world that are worse than living in the shadow of an older sibling. Now imagine that your older sibling is not only older and wiser, but smarter as well. Oxford-educated, and...


WANTED: SOCIAL MEDIA INTERN (REMOTE AVAILABILITY) While we don’t believe in unpaid internships, to be fully transparent, no one on Literally, Darling gets paid. We do this out of the love and the...
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Dumb DIY: Reupholstering Chairs

Have you ever looked at a gross old chair and gone “I could fix that?” Despite having never reupholstered a chair before, despite having never taken apart a chair before, it doesn’t matter—you saw...

DIY Homemade Chai Tea

I'm addicted to chai tea. It's just a fact, and it's also a problem. I have gone broke on Starbucks, filled my fridge with boxes of Tazo chai mix and yet I still have not been able to get my fix. The Tazo...

PLAYLIST: Coffee Shop Sounds

I have a lot of things to do today. People to call, articles to write, errands to run, and a dozen more things that I know I won't possibly cross off my list. When I need to be productive, I usually go to...


Little Joy is not a new band. In fact, I don't believe they even are still in existence anymore. The Brazilian/American group was formed for a few fortuitous months in 2007, when Los Hermanos singer Rodrigo...

Get #Ready2Roo with Tevas

It is a fact universally acknowledged that music festivals only operate on two levels: it is either the best experience of your life, or the absolute worst. It usually takes one thing- a bad sunburn, too little water, blistered feet- to start a downward spiral experience. If you're an obsessive compulsive planner like I am, then you know that the best way to prevent disaster is simple: be prepared.

PLAYLIST: Covers You Need To Know

There is nothing in this world better than hearing an amazing cover of your favorite song. The only thing that comes close at all is realizing that your favorite song is in fact a cover and the original is...