Rachel is 26 years old living in southern Virginia. She graduated with a bachelor’s in environmental health science yet lives as poet and writer in her mind. She can’t decide if she wants to spend her life finding a cure for Alzheimer’s or living on a ranch making chili for a family of five… or both. She believes the sky is the limit and if it is meant to be, it will be. She often can’t differentiate between reality and fiction, and expects to live the lives of her favorite characters. She is obsessed with her two dogs, Max (Yorkie) and Moxie (German Shepherd) as well as her handsome boyfriend and spunky best friend. She spends most of her free time cooking, drinking an insane amount of coffee, adding to her enormous lipstick collection, watching “Dateline” and enjoying the simple beauty of life all while listening to her man, Billy Joel.

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