Originally from the West Coast, Zuska has lived in Washington DC and New York City for the past ten years. Her mission is to bring creativity and randomness to the dreary world of politics. Ever an idealist, she believes that the current political logjam could be easily settled if the Republicans and Democrats simply sat down and engaged in some hardcore Halo. This, along with her dream of a turtle revolution (don’t ask), has led her to shelve her PhD work in politics, at least for the time being, and get her “ya-yas” out in the exciting world of Social Media where being slightly insane is actually a bonus. She doesn’t know her left from her right (seriously) and is also a surprisingly atrocious speller. Her life philosophy is that every problem, whether big or small, can be solved with a piping hot cup of coffee. Zuska writes about social media, international politics, geekdom, marriage, religion, and general randomness. While she wanders far and wide, her home base will always be Think Coffee in the Village. She currently resides in New York City with her husband and three cats- Tonks, Luna, and Ginny.

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