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The lovely authors of “Twentysomething Girl, 1001 Quick Tips and Tricks to Make Your Life Easier” recently sent Literally, Darling a copy to review. Authors Melissa Fiorenza and Laura Serino met while working together at Quick & Simple magazine, a weekly off-shoot of Good Housekeeping where they regularly put together tips that you could ready quickly, and use for (hopefully) the rest of your life. After a few career changes and writing for a broad range of publications, websites, and companies, the ladies eventually left editing but found themselves collaborating once again, writing this very book.


Twentysomething Girl Front Cover

Like pretty much all advice books, it’s categorized under “self-help”. And I know what you must be thinking… how do you really sit down and read a self-help book? Are these types of books really THAT intriguing to make your seasonal must-read book list? While it’s not a page-turner, it is a book you’ll want to read and then keep on your shelf – and it makes for a great gift.

What to expect: Short, fun tips that carry you through the topics of beauty, careers, entertaining, etiquette, fashion, food & drink, health & fitness, heartbreak, housekeeping, love & sex, money, and travel.

My proposal: Read the book all the way through (but maybe just snippets at a time spread throughout a week or so). Pack it in your purse and read it on the train, bus, while waiting for that coffee date, or if you’re snugged up on the couch after a hellish day of work.

What I love about the book:

  • It actually offers useful tips (the advice ranging from the authors themselves, to “real chicks”, to professionals in various fields). Yes, you’ll read through it and occasionally think “psh, I know that!”  But there are literally hundreds of tips you’ve probably never heard of (I’ll include a few of my favorites below).
  • The tips are useful for a broad spectrum of 20-somethings. Entering your sophomore year of college? Graduating? About to apply to or begin your first or fifth job? Single, engaged, or married? These tips are for every girl.
  • It’s a quick read. It’s not a lot to commit to, and it’s helpful to have on hand once you’ve read through it once (or maybe even twice). Feeling the stress of a new year, (“I promise I’ll be better; I promise I’ll budget every month (or week!), I promise I will put 15% in savings each paycheck”), you can just flip right to the “Money” section of the book and take away your favorites. About to host a party, dealing with an ex, or prepping for a trip? This book has dozens of tips to help you out.

These are a few of the tips from the book:

Beauty: Forget super, duper expensive facial scrubs. Use a little sugar as you wash your face.

Careers: Always try to quantify your success stories on your resumé. Here’s what we mean: “Increased revenue by 60%”, “Managed 30 venues,” or “Raised $20,000 for…”

Entertaining: Forgot to put away a bottle of bubbly? Plop a raisin or dried cranberry into the bottle to reactivate the fizz and make a morning after mimosa.

Etiquette: Buying a wedding gift? Either stay on the registry or give money. The amount should reflect how much you think your meal is costing the couple.

Health & Fitness: Whenever you plan to work out – but then cancel on your plan – put a buck in a “Regrets” jar. Getting fit should get expensive if that’s what takes you to move. (Use that money later for a Zumba class or a post-workout smoothie.)

Love and Sex: Did you have a wild weekend and left with the smell of sex? Sprinkle some baking powder on that bed, couch, or back of the car.

Money: Before you click “buy” online, anywhere you are, always search the site you’re buying from, plus “promo code,” “coupon code,” or some variation on that. Scour the depths of the Internet until you find one. Bookmark the site retailmenot.com as a go-to.

Want to win your own copy of “Twentysomething Girl?” Tweet us @litdarling and the authors Melissa Fiorenza and Laura Serino @tipsfor20s with a link to your favorite Twenty-Something Tuesdays post with the hashtag #20somethingtues. For extra entries, like us on Facebook, (Follow on Twitter), and/or follow us on Instagram.  If social media isn’t your jam, comment below with your own best tips for your twenties! 

You can make the books yours by visiting the website or purchasing from Amazon.

Stay tuned! We’ll be announcing the winner next Tuesday, a week from today!

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