Ways Christmas As A Kid Was Way Better

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Christmas is the most wonderful time of the year, but there’s no denying it was a little more wonderful when we were kids. We can’t help but reminisce and wish things now were a tad bit more like they were back then.


You didn’t have to worry about if your mom whipped out the camera to take pictures of you and your nappy bed head while you were opening presents Christmas morning. Now that she’s got an iPhone, though, whatever pictures she snaps can go straight to Facebook. And we can’t have that, now, can we?

Your biggest worry gearing up for Christmas was whether you made the nice list – not if you remembered to get a gift for everyone on your list, whether they’ll like it, if it will ship on time, getting it wrapped, and remembering where you stashed the receipt just in case.

All you needed to do was open presents, thank the giver and proceed to play. Not worry about what everyone else got and whether they liked what you got them. Plus no one asks the 10 year old to help make Christmas lunch for a dozen people!

Walking downstairs on Christmas morning and everything looks entirely different from the night before. The presents from Santa are all laid out, the stocks stuffed, the cookies half eaten, and even though you’re not entirely sure that the big man exists, seeing evidence of such a miraculous transformation keeps the skepticism of belief in the back of your head.

Because when you were 9, it would have been both creepy AND socially inappropriate for all of your relatives to ask, “So…you’re still single this year, huh?”

flickr User William Warby
Flickr User William Warby

When you were a kid, you never had to explain your job (or lack thereof) to a room full of family members, who are oh-so-quick to remind you, “Waitressing? Good for you. Oh, did you hear, cousin Lisa is in her third year of med school?”

Flickr User Brian Boucheron
Flickr User Brian Boucheron

How do you wish Christmas was more like when you were a kid? Comment below or tweet us @LitDarling!

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