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Literally, Darling’s Favorite Tweeters

Literally, Darling’s Favorite Tweeters

Twenty-Something Tuesday


If there’s one thing millennials are good at… it is navigating and thoroughly enjoying The Twitter. Whether you’re a Twitter elder or just now putting out your first wee tweet, we’re here to give you a run-down of our favorite online friends who entertain us daily in 140 characters or less.



Jeremy Clarkson — @JeremyClarkson

James May — @MrJamesMay



Amanda Abbington — @CHIMPSINSOCKS



Ronan Farrow — @RonanFarrow

Ezra Koenig — @arzE




Prince — @PrinceTweets2U

The Writer’s Almanac — @writersalmanac



Michael Indemaio — @indemaio



Your Away Message — @YourAwayMessage

John Scalzi — @scalzi

Pourmecoffee — @pourmecoffee



Arjun Basu — @arjunbasu



Random House — @randomhouse

Common White Girl — @CommonWhiteGrls

RuPaul — @RuPaul




See Also

History In Pictures — @historyinpix

Kim Kierkegaardashian — @KimKierkegaard



Modern Seinfeld — @seinfeldtoday

Mindy Kaling — @MindyKaling

Anna Kendrick — @AnnaKendrick47

David Levithan — @loversdiction


Beth Branch — @bethcakesblog

Sack-Vegas!! — @sack_vegas

Darth Vader — @DepressedDarth


Who are your favorite Tweeters? Comment below or (you guessed it…) TWEET US @LitDarling!

Kirstie Renae

Entertainment Editor at Literally, Darling
Kirstie is an actress, writer, and dog mom currently living in Austin, TX. She proudly celebrated her two year anniversary with Literally, Darling in June of 2015! Kirstie enjoys binge watching TV shows, stock piling books, drinking boxed wine, enjoying a perfectly put together playlist and above all- time with her family and friends. In addition, Kirstie is an advocate of self-care and therapy. She believes we are all here to share our stories and finds meaning in doing so through her art.
Kirstie Renae
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