A Walking Contradiction

If you’ve read any of my articles you know that I love books, music, movies and TV. So surely, out of all these things I love, I must love one more than the others, right? I’m sure that somewhere deep down I do, but honestly, my favorites change everyday, and I have more than enough love to share for all the things I love.

Is it possible to truly be a walking contradiction? I think it’s probably just another term for someone who can’t make up their mind. Someone who goes back and forth between what they like and what they want. We all know someone like this, someone who likes the idea of something but hates it as soon as they get it. We all like “The Hunger Games,” but we don’t want to live in a world where children die for a game. I love animals of all kinds, but I don’t want any. My dad would tell you that I am the most contrary person he knows, but honestly I’m not being contrary for the sake of arguing; it’s how I process information and how I make decisions by comparing all sides of an argument.

I’ve been thinking about this a lot lately, and I think that we are all walking contradiction, to a certain extent. It’s part of growing up: We think we know what we want, then get it, or we don’t and realize that we were searching for something else all along. We grow up with an idea of the person we want to be, the life we want to have and then we realize that we were chasing a fairy tale, and that our lives have the power to be more amazing and beautiful or difficult and hard than we planned. The friends we thought we would know forever fall through the cracks as soon as they disappear from our sight, and people we’ve never met from other countries become confidants.

So we are all contradictions. Is this a bad thing? Isn’t it just part of growing up? I think the importance of realizing this enables us to make the decisions we can, and to live with them when we change our mind about what we want or need. So be a contradiction and make choices, and then change your mind, but remember that your decisions do matter, but you are allowed to change your mind.

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