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20 Ways Ron Weasley Was Basically The OG Millennial

20 Ways Ron Weasley Was Basically The OG Millennial

Ron Weasley is pretty much everybody’s favorite ging, and whether he was running through Hogwarts after Scabbers or hunting down a basilisk fang with Hermione, he stayed reppin’ that Millennial status.

1. He had, like, no money. And sometimes was sad about it.

2. Couldn’t even grab lunch with his co-workers.

He’d be the perpetual eat-at-my-desker. “Nah, I’m good. I’ve got a sandwich.”

3. He was all about that free food, though.
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4. Sometimes he fell victim to irrational feelings.
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We all have our Ramilda Vane, amirite?

5. And sometimes he was all about that hook-up culture.

LOL Lavender. Can we not.

6. And occasionally his hook-ups would… malfunction.

7. Sometimes he would wake up not knowing where he was.

8. Especially after a long night out par-taying with his friends…

…and one bag of Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans. Neat.

9. Or a few glasses of Butterbeer.

10. Sometimes that partying ended with some pretty shameful vomiting.

Complete with pitying looks from friends.

11. More often than not, though, he just wanted to lay around in bed.

Same, Ron. Same.

12. He judged people for their 9-to-5s and their ironing boards.

13. But kind of knew that was his future, too.

14. He loved himself a good swear word.
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15. Sometimes he was a bit cocky.

16. But mostly he was just kind of confused and usually blundering about.

17. Mostly, Ron just kind of worried about what the future held.

18. But he knew he had good friends to help him along the way.

19. Even if the world was going to end… literally.

20. Or even figuratively.

Long live Ron Weasley!


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