13 Songs For Inspiration And Writing

I am always looking for inspiration in my writing. When I am in the middle of a story, my music taste lends itself to the feel or tone of my story, but when I am looking for the next story to tell I usually turn to music. When I am writing I like to listen to singer/songwriters. When I am about to pay a lot of attention to words, it helps to get in the mood by paying a lot of attention to lyrics. It reminds me that what is said and what is meant isn’t always the same, and I am such an English nerd I find this fun.

Aside from interesting lyrics. I look for songs I don’t hear on the radio often (or at all). I hear those songs enough, and if they were going to inspire me they would have done so already. Many of my inspirational songs are slower tempos. Many have building instrumental sections, and there are a few with some get up and dance beats. Variety is always good, otherwise I might fall asleep. I usually try to get a mix of different melodies and tempos.

I have always acquired my music in a weird way. At music stores I go to the soundtrack section. Growing up we listened to Christian music, and a lot of it was good. We also listened to *NSYNC and Backstreet Boys, but it was mostly Christian radio. When I got older I began looking for music on the TV shows I watched. I always find soundtracks to be a great compilation of music. All different artists, tempos, and genres altogether. Occasionally my favorite shows would lead me to new music when one of the actors decided to become a singer. It has led my to some amazing singer/songwriters. Many of the songs I choose I first heard on TV or got from a soundtrack. I hope they inspire you to do some writing.


See Also

“The Stand In” – Check in the Dark feat. Leighton Meester

“War Sweater” – Wakey!Wakey

“To Build A Home” – The Cinematic Orchestra

“A Drop in the Ocean” – Ron Pope

“Warriors” – Imagine Dragons

“Chasing The Sun” – The Wanted

“Kiss Quick” – Matt Nathanson

“Wings” – Birdy

“Terrified” – Katherine Mcphee feat. Zachary Levi

“In the Sun” – Joseph Arthur

“Parachute” – Ingrid Michaelson

“Cathedrals” – Jump (Little Children)

“Everything” – Lifehouse

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