23 Reasons Why #Olicity is Perfect

I have NOT been obsessed with “Arrow” since it came on. I was a late follower who only stuck it out through the first half of season one because I love superheroes and superhero shows. I wasn’t until “Arrow” added a perky, awkward, blonde, IT girl to its main cast that I thought there might actually be something to the newest incarnation of Green Arrow. Anyone who is up to date on the current season of “Arrow” will notice I am disregarding the events in the latest episode. I wholeheartedly believe those words will be rectified soon, but until then I am invoking selective memory. Here are my top 23 (I’m a rebel who doesn’t adhere to even numbers) reasons why Oliver and Felicity AKA #olicity are the perfect couple.

Even from their first meeting Felicity did not fall for his lies

tumblr_inline_nd668lMr2a1shrb8p (1)

I mean look at the adorable smile—which was the first time Oliver had smiled on the show.

Oliver’s first concern was Felicity


And it was adorable; equal parts concerned and strong hero.

Felicity is concerned when Oliver is out “Arrowing”


Are you feeling the love yet?

Felicity is super good at hacking and being awesome in general


And Oliver is super proud of his little law breaker.

They are literally perfection in cocktail attire

You could even say they are QUEENLY. See what I did there?

Being able to joke about someone being abandoned on an island = girlfriend for sure!


The fact that Felicity is still alive after this word vomit proves Ollie loves her

Oliver finds excuses to touch her—in some very clingy situations


And really wouldn’t we all look like that with our arms around Stephen Amell

Felicity will always be “his girl”


Can we all just swoon now? Seriously I love him.

Their ability to have full conversations without talking


I mean come on, just look at their faces!

And the hand touching


It says so much. They want to be together I know it!

Felicity hates mysteries and yet she can’t get enough of the island, Hong Kong, and who knows where else Oliver

tumblr_inline_ndh1hv559u1rkf4dxWilling to put up with less than desirable personality traits? Check.

Oliver (and Diggle) openly ogling Felicity


Look at him trying to pretend he isn’t affected by her. It’s so cute!

Not only does Oliver work out without a shirt on but Felicity can ogle him right back


Totally worth being caught IMHO.

Oliver is obviously jealous of the visiting Barry Allen


Anyone who has seen “The Flash” knows there is good reason, Barry is practically Felicity’s mirror.

Felicity feels comfortable enough to change the computer system

tumblr_mi7f7hWU4n1s5g7t1o2_r1_500 (1)

Felicity is lucky that Oliver isn’t one of those people obsessed with their “system.”

Look at poor Oliver struggling to get the words out


The following reaction is shock mixed with a little bit of “hell yeah.”

And this is where I leave you…with the epic kiss

tumblr_nd6dm5c74A1rc6dooo1_500Followed by events that will go unspoken until the “Arrow” writers fix this problem.



From the look on Felicity’s face this obviously happens often.

She makes him laugh


Which is something we (unfortunately) we rarely get to see.

The life-saving has gotten to be pretty common between Felicity and Oliver


I mean they save each other right? Without Felicity’s computer hacking skills many a victim wouldn’t have made it.

Felicity encourages him


Even when he is ready to give up.

She tells it like it is


“You mean our love life right?”

Oliver appreciates that Felicity’s life hasn’t always been kittens and rainbows


And that is an important foundation for a solid relationship.

Pretty much we are all Felicity, and who wouldn’t wanna be with the incredibly attractive and heroic Stephen Amell (AHEM I meant Oliver Queen) around. We all know that #olicity is endgame, but until that marvelous day arrives I will have to continue holding myself together with some of my favorite moments, and reminiscing on why they are perfect together.


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