5 Easy, On-Trend Hairstyles To Shake Up Your Hair Game

2015 may be half over (booooo), but that means it’s the perfect time to reflect on the top hair trends of the first six months and predict what will be popular in the fall/winter seasons. Some of the trends from earlier in the year—think pastel-dyed locks in the spring—may not translate well, so I nixed those and rounded up some styles that can be used no matter what season you’re aiming for.


1. Bangs

Bangs Collage

Blunt bangs are a notoriously terrifying cut. If you’re considering bangs, you may be riddled with anxiety—they can take a while to grow out, so what do you do if you hate them?! Don’t worry; these fears are perfectly normal and rational. Thankfully, hair grows, and no cut is permanent. Try them out! 2015 has brought with it the fun style of blunt bangs paired with longer hair. This look stands out in a crowd and will translate perfectly in the fall and winter.


2. Hair Wraps

Head Wrap Collage

Hair wraps and head scarves (hair wraps are made specifically for hair; head scarves can be simple neck scarves that you use as a head band) are so in and can be worn all year long, especially if you match the fabric to the season.


3. Half-Up Bun or Ponytail

Half-Up Ponytail

This is the style right now, and it’s a conversation-sparking look. Some hate it; I personally love it. It takes the traditional half-up look and takes it up a notch (literally) by placing the ponytail or bun directly on the crown of the head, which adds volume and interest. What’s not to love?!


4. One-Length Cut

One Length Collage

Layers are traditional. They provide interest. They frame the face. They add volume. We’ve heard it all, and we’ve listened. This year, though, has shown that one-length blunt cuts can be bold and beautiful. A tiny variation, such as a half-inch of long layer, can add some volume without compromising the look. Similar to the blunt bangs look, this style is edgy and interesting, but it’s much easier to “fix” if you decide it’s not the look for you.


5. Messy Hair

Messy Hair Collage

Type in “hair trends 2015” in Google or Pinterest and you’ll see something interesting: While there is a variety, there’s also a uniformity. Messy-on-purpose is (and has been for a while) a big trend. You can rock messy buns, messy braids, messy ponytails, messy straightness, and messy curls. You can wear it with short hair, long hair, red hair, blue hair…OK, I’ll stop myself before I go full-on Dr. Seuss.

Messiness adds volume and can give the illusion of fullness with even the thinnest of hair. It is seen here in every collage I made; it doesn’t seem to be going out of style anytime soon. So keep a teasing brush and some volumizing product handy at all times.


2015 has been the year of fascinating hair thus far; each of these styles are statement-makers. Don’t be afraid to be bold and rock styles that may have previously been “too edgy.” Keep these trends up in the cooling weather and you won’t go wrong.

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