11 Stylish Agendas To Kick Off The School Year

The infinite possibilities of freshly sharpened colored pencils neatly lined up, a bouncy pink eraser that skipped across your desk when you dropped it just right, and a new Lisa Frank notebook tucked snugly in your backpack, cushioned the blow of summer’s departure and the reintroduction of routine and responsibility. The ritual of stacking my new notebooks and sliding my new school supplies safely into the fitting pockets of my backpack on the night before the first day of school always eased the unfamiliarity of the new school year, even turning it into a platform of promise and possibility. Like a surprise piece of gum found in your coat pocket and snow-induced cancellations, crisp, colorful desk supplies remain one of life’s small joys. While safety scissors and Elmer’s Glue are replaced with laptops and travel coffee mugs, stylish stationery remains a necessity. Perusing Barnes and Noble for the perfect agenda to last me the year was one of the highlights of the back-to-school checklist, and while I may have replaced puffy stickers with sticky notes, finding the right planner is still first on my agenda.


1.Toile Planner, $34

Anthropologie’s charming, rustic decor could probably convince me to buy a used napkin, but when I saw this subtly romantic print displayed amongst their notebooks and knickknacks, I knew I had to have it. With gorgeous patterns and decadent colors, Rifle Paper Co. is what stationery dreams are made of.


2. Birch Floral Planner, $34

I couldn’t resist adding another Rifle Paper Co. item to the list. The monochromatic agenda’s more vibrant counterpart, this planner features rich colors and the brand’s signature buds.


3.“I Am Very Busy” Agenda, $20

For a playful planner that tells it how it is, this agenda is positively perfect for recording every romp and rendez-vous. Its bubbly pink cover and darling sticker page make it the perfect nostalgic replacement to your childhood notebook.


4. Florabunda Agenda, $28

With super-sized florals and bright colors, this planner is the perfect cheery addition to any desk space.


5.Brushstroke Gold Foil Planner, $36.95

Pastel paint strokes and striking gold accents make this planner chic and creative.


6. Kate Spade Agenda, $36

Colorful yet classic, leave it to Kate Spade to supply a sassy and stylish addition to your desk.


7. Geometric Planner, $44

I love the subdued shades and edgy pattern of this planner.


8. Foil Confetti Planner, $29.95

This dramatic yet classy agenda looks adorned for a New Year’s Eve fete. Why not begin your new school year prepped for a party?



9. White Floral Planner, $24.95  

I love the soft floral pattern on this planner. Its sketch-like print makes it ideal for your daydreams and doodles (and very important dates of course).


10. Day Designer Planner, $7.99

This bright and playful planner features painterly florals and an adorable color scheme

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11. Patricia Nash Tooled Chieti Agenda, $69

This gorgeous agenda features subtle yet striking details.

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Lauren Dozier
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