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monica the medium

At 21-years-old, Monica is just another college girl going through the ropes of growing up, except for one little thing: she is a medium. She is ABC Family’s, Monica the Medium.

It’s crazy to think that about seven years ago, she was sitting a few rows past me in our high school Spanish class. Then two years ago, she reached out to me saying she wanted to confide in me about something.

It was about my mom. My mother passed away when I was 14 from heart failure.

Monica and I didn’t know each other too well outside of our Spanish class. So instantly I wondered, H-O-W could she possibly know about my mother? Yes, I have posted about my mother on my Facebook every now and then. Yes, I have written about her before too. But when Monica and I talked, she told me things my friends and my readers would never have known about my mom, even if they were right there with me holding my hand throughout the entire mourning process.

So, that is when I put my faith in this and started believing in her. That is one of the numerous reasons why I am so excited and honored to say that I have been given the opportunity to interview her before her big-time show premiere, which premieres Tuesday, August 25th, 8/7c!

First up is Monica’s new show on ABC Family, “Monica the Medium”

I started by asking her when she first realized she had this ability to connect with the spirit, connect and communicate with spirit.

Monica: Although for me although I was already intuitive and empathic as a younger child, it wasn’t really until high school until I started to feel, hear, and sense things, and I didn’t know where they were coming from. I didn’t understand it. I just suppressed it for a very long time. I thought I was crazy. It wasn’t until college when I started to accept it, since more stuff started to happen and build up. I felt that I just had this connection with spirits when I’d be around people. I’d be hearing, feeling, sensing, and knowing things and I had no idea how this was happening.

This would happen back in high school too. When people would tell stories about their childhood, or about somebody who had passed away, I would already know the ending before they even started telling me. That’s when I realized, this is something—something is happening. This is not all in my head.

Once she stopped suppressing her abilities, and realized she enjoyed helping people by connecting to spirit, I asked Monica what the process of communicating to spirit is like.

Monica: Well I always tell people, it’s not as simple as it looks. There are a lot of things going on with me as I’m connecting with spirits. It’s kind of like putting together puzzle pieces to interpret what I’m feeling, hearing, and sensing together to form a message for my clients.

So I will hear things; I will feel things. I will see things—such as the flash of an image like a reel of a movie playing. I’ll hear things and see my sign symbols that I know how to interpret. For example, when I see the image of a uniform, I know that has to do with the military. If I see scrubs, I know there’s a nursing connection.

Also the physical sensations, like when I can’t catch my breath, I know there must be some lung-related illness. If my head feels dizzy, I associate that with a drug or alcohol overdose.

So it’s a combination of all these different things coming together at the same time, when I’m connecting with spirit.

I remembered how she felt during our reading together two years ago. She told me how her heart was beating faster than usual. Then, she asked me if my mother suffered from a heart attack, and in fact, she did. My mother’s illness was arrhythmia, which is an irregular heartbeat. Spot on. So I recognized the physical sensations she was describing to me that helps her along the process. With all this said, I had to ask her if her abilities scare her.

Monica: Back in the beginning, I didn’t get it. I would tell myself how I don’t want to hear these things anymore. I was really fearful and I had a lot of anxiety, especially going into situations with a lot of people. Whenever I was in large crowds I would get a lot of anxiety from being around a bunch of people, [many of whom may have] lost loved ones who could reach out to me.

But once I stopped suppressing spirit and realized this is a positive thing, all my anxiety went away. Now I’m really happy to be able to do this work.

Later on, Monica emphasized why she does this. Why it matters to her, and why she has made a career out of this.

Monica: Not only does this bring people, my clients, so much reassurance, and comfort… it brings me joy. I’ll have people reach out to me months, years later, [after a reading I have done with them] and have them say to me, “Monica, you have changed the course of my life.”

Hearing this is life-changing. I am only 21! Sometimes I don’t even realize the big picture of all of this and just how much this helps people.

I believe the most satisfied people in this world are the ones who work a job they would already do for free. And for me, that’s what I get with mediumship. This is not a 9-to-5 job. This is not just about the scheduled readings and my clients. When I talk to someone, and at the end of my session, they give me that hug—that’s when I remember why this is what I do what I do.

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So now to the part we’re all dying to know… how did Monica get hooked up with her own reality show on ABC Family?

Monica: There was a series of events where all of this landed on my lap. It wasn’t like I was looking or trying to be on TV or start my own show. So when the opportunity presented itself, I thought, maybe this is a sign.

OK, Monica is about to be on TV. What does she want viewers to know?

Monica: The one thing I would want the audience to know is that even though they are not [personally] the ones who are getting my readings, there are similar themes and patterns to look out for. Patterns like love and forgiveness, and how life just continues on after death—there’s something everyone can hold onto and take into their own personal lives with these messages.

This is something she told me about my mother, and I cannot put into words just how much that means to me. 

Monica: I just hope this show will help my viewers be able to find peace despite the losses they have faced.

And also, for other young people in high school, students, and you know, even younger kids who have experienced a connection with spirits and have been told, “You’re crazy! You’re making things up.” Or if they’re scared to talk to somebody about it [connecting with spirits], you know… there’s a lot more people who have this gift who don’t realize it and suppress it out of fear, because of what society has said about having these abilities. Maybe these people could watch me on my show and see the experiences that I have and now have a reason to feel more comfortable with owning up to their abilities and accepting themselves, and using these abilities for good.

Then, other people will watch and be able to relate to me in the other parts of the show. Not just the parts of me being a medium, but the parts of me like how I’m a regular college student, going on dates with boys, struggling to balance a busy schedule. 


After talking to Monica, I think her message has one major takeaway—the people we lose in our lives, we don’t have to let go of entirely. We should hold onto how we remember them; how we loved them. People may come and go, but our memories of them will last forever. We don’t need to bury these relationships with the loss of our loved ones. We need to move forward and know that we are not alone. The people we lost do not need to be forgotten, and we should not have to feel abandoned. Our losses can bring us closer to others who can relate, and that is a powerful thing that can help us fill the void of the people in our lives who are irreplaceable. Every end really can be a new beginning if we just let it.

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