How To Submit To Literally, Darling

At Literally, Darling we are always looking for fresh perspectives, new narratives, hysterical anecdotes, and thought-provoking pieces. We seek to showcase a diversity of opinions and experiences, because we believe that female narratives don’t fit one box.

At LD, our voice is your voice, and we want to help you be heard.

How? Pitch us!



Submit an original (unpublished) finished article to [email protected] and we’ll see if it’s a good fit for the site.

  • Our biggest prerequisites are good writing and strong ideas.
  • Tell us a little about yourself and why you want to write for LD.
  • Include your finished article in a editable Google Doc, with a short third-person bio at the end.
  • Also include in your email an attached, not embedded, photo of yourself. Photos can be .jpg, .png., or .tiff format. This will accompany your bio.
  • Do not send your article via PDF, Word document, or any format other than a Google Doc.

We strongly prefer pre-written articles. If you have a more nuanced idea for a personal essay, or if you are mulling over an idea for the news section, feel free to send us ideas—if we think it’s a good idea, an editor may work with you to flesh it out.



When in doubt, send us a think piece. We want personal narratives that will resonate with our readers, that are indicative of your individual experiences and identity. Women don’t fit into a box, and neither do you. LD wants to showcase that.



Do you make amazing recipes? Are you struggling through the career wasteland, or excelling at your dream job? Do you want to write a personal essay about how food has impacted your life? Are you a finance guru? Or maybe you finally landed your dream job, and it’s not at all what you expected. We want to hear your stories, so send all your ideas and more to Lifestyle.




Have you mastered the secret of making exercise fun? Or are you faking it till you make it? Do you have specialized diets that you love to talk about? Do you have a disease or illness that is vastly misunderstood? Or perhaps you have a boatload of sexual health knowledge, and want to spark conversations. Help us build out health!


giphy-1You, friend, are probably ahead of the trends and have compiled the greatest list of go-to fall sweaters that anyone would ever want. Or you think there aren’t enough make-up guides out there for women of color. Maybe you’ve managed to channel the fashion inspiration of your favorite celebrity, and want to spread the gospel. Join the ranks of our fashion and beauty writers!



I get overly excited about books.

Have you compiled a reading list longer than the average lifespan? Are you a crazed movie fan? Or maybe you enjoy crafting cultural think pieces about Mindy Kaling’s outfits. Perhaps you’re an unabashed video gamer, or you want an excuse to interview a local band. Let your ideas find a home in the entertainment section.



anigif_enhanced-buzz-7699-1386090714-25Are you a political junkie, but hate the standard coverage? Or are you just absolutely fascinated by certain politicians? You probably feel that there are really important stories out there that just need some love. Or maybe you’re extremely frustrated because no one actually gets what the Iran deal is about. Help us learn—come to the news and politics section.


We don’t want:

  • Personal blog entries. Our articles are at their best when they are personal, but a good narrative speaks to a large audience who have had shared experiences, while a personal blog-type post feels exclusive to the author.
  • Rehashed topics that have been covered before.
  • Buzzfeed-esque lists. There are ways to do listicles very well—but we don’t like to rely on them.
  • Sensationalized click-bait. We don’t want to shout into the echo chamber that is the internet—we’re looking for content, not clicks.


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