What We Learned About “Arrow” At DragonCon

This time last week I was preparing to go to DragonCon. I’ve explained it as “like Comic Con but in Atlanta,” “a conference for people who love things,” “a chance to see famous people.” All of these descriptions are true, but as it was my first conference there was a lot I didn’t know. For me, mostly it was the chance to be in the same room as Stephen Amell (“Arrow”), but it was also a chance to be unapologetically geeky. I know everyone is shocked to learn I’m an obsessive fan.


I went to DragonCon to cover it for LD, and if you follow me on Twitter you saw live tweets as well as some pictures of my favorite costumes. Here is the newest  news from the “Arrow” panels at DragonCon2015.

*Spoilers ahead*


The crowd roared. In a ballroom in downtown Atlanta they rejoiced. The attendees of Stephen Amell’s panel on Friday night clapped and cheered at Felicity Smoak (Emily Bett Rickards) appeared in the premiered trailer for Season 4 and told everyone that she was a badass. Most of the internet has been waiting for this trailer for months. After seeing Oliver and Felicity ride off into the sunset fans were understandably upset about how long this happiness would last.

Amell was asked questions ranging from his audition process to how Oliver was able to brush his teeth on the island (the latter asked by the cutest kid in the room). Amell’s answer was understandably evasive given the lack of anything on the island. He also asked about his Summerslam experience and said he would absolutely go back and that the tension between him and Stardust didn’t seemed resolved to him.

ollicityThe biggest cheer obviously came for Olicity questions. Amell said that when he asked the showrunners about Oliver and Felicity being together at the beginning of the show’s run they said no. Amell also said his favorite Felicity double entendre is “I like having you inside me.”

Stephen Amell was joined by another Amell halfway through his panel on Friday. His younger cousin Robbie (“Flash”) came and sat with his cousin to answer some questions, but mostly provided comic relief for Stephen’s answers.

Favorite moment: Robbie Amell saying “You have failed this city” with a lisp.


At the Saturday “Arrow” panel, Stephen Amell was joined by John Barrowman (Malcolm Merlyn), Katie Cassidy (Laurel Lance), Matt Nable (Ra’s al Ghul). David Ramsey (John Diggle) was unable to come to DragonCon after injuring his back.

The first question was when Oliver will propose to Felicity. Stephen replied, “when Oliver gets his shit together” which led to laughs from the crowd and the panel. Basically the whole cast loves Emily Bett Rickards and is hot.

tumblr_inline_nqmmq4IPpx1qk3owy_500They also love the new Arrow suit, which features no sleeves. One fan asked what changed since Stephen historically said he would never go sleeveless since it’s so cold in Vancouver where the show shoots. Stephen said the sketch he got wasn’t different enough and accidently suggested no sleeves and the production team ran with it. He also mentioned that if Caity Lotz (Sara Lance) could expose her chest for a season he could let his arms be a little cold.

Barrowman provided the comic relief for the panel by talking about his experience rolling a rally car which you can see here, as well as talking about how proud he was watching Stephen Amell at Summerslam. Stephen Amell said Willa Holland (Thea Queen) told him she’s been practicing archery a lot so she’s probably better than him now, to which Barrowman responded, “that’s my daughter.”

Favorite moment: A little kid got up to ask a question, introduced himself, and Stephen Amell said, “Did we meet today? Good to see you again,” and our hearts all melted.

The line for Sunday’s “Arrow” panel literally went around a building and was three deep so I missed that one. Go ahead and join us in anxiously awaiting the fourth season of “Arrow” and obsessively rewatching the trailer. 

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