Sesame: The Gift Box Delivery Service You’ve Waited For

When I was in college, I was obsessed with the idea of care packages. A girl on my hallway got one from her grandma freshman year, and it was practically bigger than my entire room. It was stuffed with pre-packaged food, cookies, socks, board games, bits and bobs, and even a fuzzy blanket. It was the most considerate act I had ever witnessed, and I thought it was amazing.

I sent a lot of care packages and gift boxes that year to my friends at other colleges, my boyfriend back home—on one occasion, even my dog. At the time they were crudely constructed packages full of things I picked up at the dollar store, but in a situation like that, it’s the thought that counts, right?

But then I discovered Sesame. This company basically provides pre-made care packages and gift boxes that appeal to all kinds of different people in your life. And not only are they affordable, but they’re extremely adorable as well. I have been the recipient of a Sesame box before, and let me tell you: It’s the best feeling in the world. In the midst of my finals, one of my best friends surprised me with a gift box out of nowhere, and I was so excited I almost cried. Partially from the stress of graduating college, but also from the thoughtfulness of my friend.

The best part about Sesame boxes is that every part of it is an experience: from ordering the box to receiving it. You can order boxes through their website or through their app at any time, and include a personalized message. It’s fun to pick them out, see what your friends will like, and decide on a box.


And when your friend receives the gift, every aspect of the packaging is designed to make it as adorable and delightful as possible. Sesame was kind enough to send Literally, Darling a package of our choice (tea-themed, of course), and it’s staggering how much thought goes into the entire process.

And they have packages for everything: the alcohol connoisseur, the health food nut. Your nephew or your best friend who’s about to have a birthday. When your old college roommate is going through a bad time, Sesame’s yoga-themed box can help them find their center. They even have a grill-themed box for your dad. They’re that good.

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Not only do we love Sesame, but we love our readers—which is why we’ve got an awesome surprise for you all too. This month, five lucky readers can get a special $15 off promotional code for Sesame.

Here’s how:

1. Go to Sesame, and select your favorite box here.

2. Tweet your box to @litdarling on Twitter

3. If you’re one of the first five, we’ll DM you the code!

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