Our Souls Create Lightning

When you told me I was your soulmate, I believed you. I looked into your eyes, and saw that you believed it too. But what does “soulmate” mean? And what is this “soul” that you are talking about?

Is the soul an energy force, found within the both of us? Does the soul have a color in which it burns, breathes, or beats with? Is it a red or orange flame burning inside of me, and inside of you? Perhaps it is a peaceful ball of light, humming in existence, growing bigger and louder when I am in your presence, when it is near its mate.

Is everything I am (thoughts, form, feelings) a manifestation of my soul, or is the soul a manifestation of my mind, body, and emotions? But are we—my soul and me—even two separate things at all? Or am I my soul, and my soul me?

If I am my soul, and my soul is me, then what does that mean, that we are soulmates? Were we made for each other? Or are our souls shaped just right, so that they merge perfectly into one another, as when a woodcarver carefully carves two pieces of wood, so that they fit snugly together?

When you say that I am your soulmate, do you mean you feel, as I do, the electrical currents that pulsate between us, between the souls? When we lay in bed after worshipping each other in every bodily sense, I close my eyes and see purple lightning flashing across. Is that what you are referring to, when you whisper the word soulmate? Do our souls create energy, an energy of purple lightning, flashing and connecting us?

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Is it because we are soulmates, that we can produce that energy? Is the singular soul thunder, but two intertwined souls the lightning itself? Is the soul incapable of creating an electrical pulse on its own, forever booming in a stormy sky until it finds its partner, its mate? Do each of us, individually, lack the highly charged power to create an energy strong enough to spark fire, to burn bridges, and to strike with death? Can we only transform grainy sand into smooth glass once the soul finally finds and melts into its mate?

When you told me I was your soulmate, I believed you. I saw the truth glowing in your eyes, I sensed the lightning starting to flicker. I felt myself rumbling, heard the thunder itself, until it finally bursted out of me, utterly obscuring all of my other senses, engulfing the both of us. When our thunder became too loud too bear, we were both blinded as the purple lightning struck for the first time, forever fusing our souls together.

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