20 Cute And Colorful Tech Accessories

Be it the mid-semester slump or just a weeklong Monday at work, bright tech accessories can stylishly combat the workweek woes. Choose from this selection of chic and cheeky cases and additions to brighten up your deskspace and liven up your week.

1. “As If” Laptop Sleeve, $60

Endued with the sassy wisdom of one of film’s favorite teen queens, this vibrant sleeve is sure to inspire.  


2. Frends Headphones, $199.99

These metallic headphones make for a stylish listening companion.


3. Monika Strigel Phone Case, $35

This strikingly psychedelic phone case will never get lost amongst the junk in your purse.


4. Florabunda Power Trip, $32

The sweet pastel print makes plugging your phone in anywhere a stylish cinch.


5. Cactus Battery Pack, $19.99

With this botanical battery pack you can charge your phone on the go.


6. Donuts Phone Case, $39.95

I donut I have to explain to you how darn adorable this phone case is.


7. Tory Burch For Fitbit Bracelet, $175

Sleek and sophisticated, this bracelet features a small metal box to hold a Fitbit tracker


8. Cat Phone Stand, $21.99

Any cat lover knows that feline friends will pretty much plant themselves anywhere, so it won’t be unusual to have this adorable little guy stretched out on your desk.



9. Folk Phone Case, $35.96

This gorgeous yet understated phone case features sumptuous colors and an opulent print.


10. Rebecca Minkoff Lightning Cable Bracelet, $58

This statement bracelet is a stylish way to revive your wrist and your battery.


11. Nixon Mini Blaster Speaker, $100

Chic and sleek bluetooth speakers to amp up your space.


12. Andromeda Phone Case, $32

This sparkling accessory is sure to stun.


13. Mobile Charger, $30

Because you can’t have too much glitter.


14. Sweet Stuff Phone Case, $19.60

Because breakfast is the most important meal of the day, it would make sense to have a Pop Tart with you at all times.


15. Gold Cat Clutch Phone Case, $42

This darling clutch is sweet and subtle.


16. Rocket Phone Case, $28

This adorable accessory is out of this world.


17. Portable Speaker, $34.99

This simple songbird is a cute way to enjoy your tunes.


18. Vintage Camera Phone Case, $40

The ultimate throwback Thursday.


19. Kate Spade iPad Mini Case, $70

A cute case with the cure-all remedy reminder.


20. Mint Floral Phone Case, $36

A lovely floral case to brighten up the dreariest of days.


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