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“The Immortals” Review + GIVEAWAY

“The Immortals” Review + GIVEAWAY

Orbit Books recently sent Literally, Darling a copy of The Immortals by Jordanna Max Brodsky to review and asked us to host a giveaway. After reading Brodsky’s debut novel we knew it was something great to share. The Immortals is actually the first book in a series about former Greek gods who live side by side with humanity waiting for their immortality to finally give up.

What makes The Immortals interesting is not the main idea of ancient Greek gods roaming New York City (frankly, that’s a pretty believable story given the depth breadth of peoples and cultures in Manhattan), it’s because of the gods Brodsky chose to focus on. Immortals tells the story of Selene DiSilva: a PI, former cop, dog lover, and, oh yeah, she’s also the goddess Artemis. At least she used to be. Selene has had hundreds of identities and jobs in the thousand or so years since her family had to leave Greece after the rise of Christianity. In those years their powers started to wane since they no longer have followers to worship them or give offerings and fealty.

In her current life she works as a PI who goes after the abusive boyfriends of women who come to her for help. She is still Artemis, but she is far from the goddess of hunt we are used to from the Greek myths. Some of the gods powers are no longer worshipped at all like Hestia (goddess of the hearth)—after all, who is thankful for fire in a world where electric heating exists. Others like Hermes (god of communication and commerce) are thriving. Our whole society is dependent on commerce and communicating whether it is through social media or FaceTime. Selene is holding on to her immortality by a thread since virginity and hunting aren’t held in esteem like they used to be.  

Immortals also tells its story from the point of view of a Classicist professor at Columbia University, Theo Schultz. After Selene stumbles upon a murder with ties to Greek ritual and rites she decides she will hunt down the perpetrator, and here is where she meets the second narrator. Theo used to date the first murder victim, and after meeting Selene decides he will figure out who is doing this and why. Despite all Selene’s history in Ancient Greek life, it is Theo who determines the death of his friend is the work of a group of serial killers trying to reignite the Mysteries of Eleusinian. In a blend of classic murder mystery and greek mythology Brodsky brings together the long forgotten past with the common day intrigue of a serial killer loose in Manhattan.

Brodsky has certainly put her degree in History and Literature from Harvard to good use. As someone who thought they were pretty well-versed in Greek mythology, I was surprised by how much I really didn’t know. For example, Artemis boasts the most epithets of any other god or goddess. Everything from Protector of the Innocent, to Mistress of Beasts, to She Who Helps One Climb Out. It was intriguing to read a female character who has been defined by her names for thousands of years still be well-rounded and surprising. I enjoyed the differences and similarities between life in Ancient Greece and life in modern day Manhattan.

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Enter for a chance to win a copy of the book and Larissa Loden bow and arrow necklace.

The Immortals comes out next Tuesday, February 16th. You can read an early excerpt from The Immortals here.

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To enter to win the Huntress Prize Pack from Orbit Books, you can comment below or tweet which epithet you think would be perfect for you, and be sure to use the #olympusbound hashtag and tag @litdarling! Example: I would be She Who Believes in Mermaids or The One Who Reads A Lot. Giveaway open to US addresses only. We will be picking a winner next Tuesday, February 16th to celebrate the release! Prizing and samples provided by Orbit Books. Follow Jordanna on Twitter and Facebook.

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